It seems like every mom has a different opinion when it comes to grocery shopping.  Some want the best quality of fresh food, some want a convenient location, some want the lowest prices, some want great customer service, and some want specialty items.

We all have different reasons for shopping where we do and I thought it would be great to hear from other Triad moms today to find out where they shop and why.

My regular weekly grocery store is Harris Teeter.  I shop there because it is closest to my home, they have great customer service, I often use the Express Lane Grocery pickup, and because about 15 years ago I won a savings bond by using my VIC card!  How cool is that?  I figured I owe it to them to be a loyal shopper!

I visit Costco for many items that I know I can save on by buying in bulk, but other than that I really don’t shop around to find the best price.  They are many things I try to get deals on like dining out, clothing and activities, but for some reason, grocery bargains have never really been a priority for me.  I know many people who save hundreds of dollars through couponing and shopping in more than one location, but for me I usually just buy some BOGO deals with my VIC card and save myself the time I would use to hunt down other bargains.  Personal choice there!

In addition to Harris Teeter, I love to shop at Lowes Foods when I am visiting my in-laws.  They have one nearby and I love the NuVal system.  Unfortunately there is not a Lowes Foods close to my home and as I said, I am always about saving myself time!  Whole Foods is a favorite of mine for specialty items including vegetarian dishes, and I love their buffet for breakfast and lunch.  I also love Fresh Market, but again, there is not one close to my home.

So there is my two cents on where I shop and why.  How about you?  Do you grocery shop at some of the same places?  How about Food Lion, Earth Fare, Target, Aldi or Wal-Mart?  Is the new Trader Joes on your agenda?  Tell us where you shop and why!