By Guest Blogger Nicole R

Winston-Salem Christian School was our COVID silver lining.

In the fall of 2020 our family of six was reeling from lockdowns, learning loss and all around discouragement. My four children – triplet girls and a son, were enrolled in public school, which was meeting only online. I knew they were eager to get back with peers and away from our house, which had become cramped and stressful. So, I began looking for new schools.

I began talking with friends about places to consider. l learned that Winston-Salem Christian School had a logical approach to handle COVID which allowed students to learn a Christ-centered curriculum, in-person. Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity.

Nearly three years later, we’re still here.

It’s a special place.

One of my triplet girls has autism. She is kind, bright and social, but her emotional skills just do not allow for full time typical classroom learning. Since our new school didn’t have a learning space for her, and her public school was unsuccessfully teaching virtually, I thought I would explore the potential for creating a place for her at our Winston-Salem Christian. With the help of a school connection of someone who also has a child with autism, I arranged a meeting with the head of school. We presented a proposal and the wonderful, unique stories of our families. With the hard work of a few, much prayer and research, we made it happen!

All of God’s children have the right to fulfill their God-given potential.

The Autism Academy, which now accommodates a small class of third through fifth graders, was established in the Spring of 2021. This school created a place for my daughter. Nothing shows you’re living what you preach like this act of love. The day the Academy opened, our school just jumped ahead of all the places that have the ability to do the same, but don’t.

We’re still singing praises almost three years later.

The chaos and disappointment of 2020 brought us here, but Winston Salem Christian School continues to serve the varied needs of my children and more than 400 others.

We never knew that a school that uses prayer, and teaches from the Bible, with love, would change our education experience. My children experience the love of exceptional teachers, and great friends. They appreciate the diversity of abilities, backgrounds, and thought. My children also thrive with security from the love of an amazing school community. They are being taught leadership, patriotism and service. They rise to a set of expectations for behavior, community service and love for others. In their third year, my three girls are now being prepared for the next step, middle school. And my son is thriving in elementary.

It’s a place that celebrates uniqueness.

Winston-Salem Christian School is a place where children develop a Christian perspective on humanity. In addition, students learn how to live that out in the world. With the school’s help, we took a set of very difficult circumstances and turned it into something wonderful. We found the very best chance for our unique children to develop high character, values and appreciation for the wonderfulness of others.

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