By Heather McGinnis of Heather McGinnis Photography

Every family has a story, what’s yours?

Maybe you’re an expectant mom eagerly awaiting the arrival of your brand new baby love, or the dad of a toddler enjoying those silly laughs and antics one minute and trying to survive the daily meltdown the next. Or perhaps you’re the parent of a big kid, already in school and busy with sports, activities, and friends of their own. Every parent shares it in common: that moment when we look at our darling, hilarious, frustrating, amazing children and think, “If only I could stop time for a little while and remember them like this forever.” That gummy baby smile, that independent preschool pout, the way your school kid’s nose wrinkles when they’re REALLY laughing, not just “cheesing” for the camera – these memories and moments deserve to be documented, archived, frozen in time. While memory may be fleeting, photographs are forever.

That’s where we come in. Voted Best Local Photographer by Triad Moms on Main Readers, Heather McGinnis Photography is the Triad’s Premiere Newborn & Family Photographer. As a special offer to TMOM readers, you’ll receive 20% off your session fee when you book your 2013-2014 Newborn Session or 2014 Family session by November 1, 2013.

The decision to invest in custom professional photography is an important one, and we work with our clients every step of the way to make sure that the images we create are ones they will cherish for years to come.

Keep in mind as the holiday season approaches, a gift certificate for an HMP Photo Session would make a memorable gift for someone you care about – or for yourself (never too early to start dropping hints about your wish list!). We also work with lots of spouses, grandparents, friends and coworkers of clients who take advantage of our Gift Certificates and give the gift of custom photography.

Newborn Studio Sessions are held within two weeks of baby’s birth day to ensure that we capture that sleepy, curled-up newborn look that is oh-so-divine. Newborn sessions are unique for us because they are the only type of session we hold in-studio. Here we have full access to all of our tools and tricks that go into creating those flawless and timeless newborn images you love.

Family Lifestyle Sessions are planned for a location that reflects your style and taste, where you’ll feel most comfortable and at ease. That may be in your home, in the great outdoors, or in a more urban landscape. At-home sessions are great because they allow us to capture moments shared by your family in your “natural habitat” resulting in a documentary-style set of images. On-location, outdoor sessions are beautiful too and allow us play around and capture some great candid moments as well.

Remember: it’s your life, your love, your story. It deserves to be celebrated and remembered, and we’re committed to providing  custom photography that captures the essence of your family’s story. We hope to hear from you soon and would love to welcome you to the HMP Family!

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