By Dennette Bailey

Parents with infants or expecting a new baby should be aware that babies can have skin issues too. Though the following issues can arise any time of the year, they can be especially difficult for your baby during the summer. Make sure you are providing proper baby skincare.

Scratches on the skin:  When infants are born they often are born with long nails, and because infants cannot control their movements they can accidentally scratch themselves. To help your infant you should use an emery board and gently file the nails down. This is a much safer method than using nail clippers on your new baby. You can use a safe baby ointment to soothe any scratches your baby may have as a result of those long finger nails.

Baby Acne: New born babies can also develop baby acne. This is quite normal and there is no need to use harsh scrubs on your infant. In most cases this clears up on its own. However, after about 4 weeks if you are not seeing the baby acne clear up, consult your pediatrician.

Drool Rash: Babies teethe between 4 and 7 months (some earlier or later) and as a result they can develop a “drool” rash. This occurs when the mouth, face and neck area are constantly wet. The area can become irritated and a rash occurs. Keeping a bib handy as well as changing your baby’s clothing if it becomes soaked around the neck area will also be helpful. In addition, a soothing gentle baby ointment can also help relieve your baby’s irritation.

Baby Rash: Babies can also develop baby rash. It is important to change their diapers periodically. For many babies this will be about every 2 hours. Many infants eat every 2 hours so changing after each feeding can help a new parent keep diaper rash at bay. Please be discouraged from using fragranced baby wipes or even baby powder. Again, a gently soothing baby ointment will help in this instance as well.

Cradle Cap: Babies can also develop cradle cap. It too, is quite normal. It is not contagious and usually clears up in 6 to 12 months. It is not necessary to pick or scrub cradle cap. However, if you feel compelled to do something gently rub the head with a gentle shampoo, rinse well and pat the head dry gently.

Sunburn: Your new baby should avoid long amounts of time sitting out in the sun. When you do take your infant out be sure to use a safe baby sunscreen. It is recommended to not use sunscreen until they are six months old. Here is an article with some recommendations such as Neutrogena Pure and Free Baby or Aveeno Baby products. If they are younger, be sure to keep them under an umbrella or covering that blocks the sun’s rays completely.

Remember, a baby’s skin can look and feel like the most perfect skin there is, but we have to take care of it. Damaged baby skin can not only be irritating for your baby but it will be hard on you as the caretaker to see your baby uncomfortable if one of the above conditions presents itself. These recommendations will help you take care of your baby’s skin and you can access more information like this about the care of your baby’s skin at

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