By TMoM Team Member Suzy Fielders

Finding a day trip that is somewhere a teenager wants to go isn’t always easy! Our family found that Concord was a good choice as there was something for everyone. There are two major stops in Concord: Great Wolf Lodge and Concord Mills Mall. Both are full of options that even a teenager will enjoy!

Great Wolf Lodge

I know many people view this as a place for younger kids, but there are still some fun things for teenagers too. Or at least my 15-year-old daughter enjoyed them.

First, most teens still love arcades and there is a fun one with numerous games at Great Wolf Lodge. There is also mini golf and a small bowling alley.

Next, hello who doesn’t love a water park? Since this is a day trip blog, I wanted to point out that Great Wolf Lodge does have water park day passes. As its an indoor water park that means weather is no threat to ruining this day trip idea.

Additionally, if your teen is into solving puzzles and mysteries MagiQuest is always an option. Alright, so my teen did not want to hold the wand as we walked around, but she enjoyed helping us figure out how to win.

We didn’t see or get to try these on our visit, but their website also lists the following attractions below. All of which might interest teenagers!

Finally, there are two dining options we love at Great Wolf Lodge. The Loose Moose Cottage has amazing breakfast food! They are open 8 to 11 a.m. Plus, the Lodge Wood Fired Grill is a great finer dining choice if you are looking for a nicer meal before heading back to the Triad. They are usually open 5 to 9 p.m.

One of the things I love best about the above two dining options is they are very accommodating to food allergies and restrictions. My daughter has severe nut allergies, and they took it seriously. Additionally, I have Celiac Disease and loved the gluten-free selection available.

Concord Mills Mall

There are … major things to do or see at Concord Mills Mall:

  1. SEA LIFE Aquarium
  2. AMC Concord Mills 24
  3. Shopping
  4. Dining

SEA LIFE Aquarium

This is a favorite aquarium of ours. While it’s on the smaller side it has a bit of everything when it comes to sea life. Plus, the smaller size makes it perfect for fitting into a day trip itinerary!


AMC Concord Mills 24

Pre-pandemic we saw The Art of Racing in the Rain (great movie by the way!) and were really impressed by this theater. They have a full concession stand with tons of food and drink options. Furthermore, the reclining seats are very comfortable! Finally, they always have a huge selection of new movies showing.


For teens, especially my daughter, this is probably the best part of Concord Mills! There a huge selection of stores at this mall – including numerous name brand stores.


If you are looking for a great lunch option before, after, or in between your day trip, then there is no shortage of choices at Concord Mills Mall. First, they have a good-sized food court with plenty of dining options.

Next, there are many restaurants in the ‘loop’ outside the restaurant. We tend to choose one of the restaurants outside the mall to eat as it’s a little less busy. On our recent day trip there we enjoyed the food at Charanda Mexican Grill and Cantina. Whereas, on past trips we’ve liked stopping at On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina. If you haven’t picked up on the theme, we love Mexican food!

No matter which of the above places you go with on your Concord day trip there is certain to be something for everyone to enjoy – even your teenagers!

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