By Dr. Sona J. Isharani

My name is Sona Isharani (aka, Dr. Sona) and I am a mom and a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist. After 11 years of various practice experience, I started my own Pediatric Dental Practice in 2013.  I share an office with a Comprehensive General Dentist, Dr. Steven L. Hatcher. Together at Triad Dentistry, we are able to offer both Specialized Pediatric and Adult Dental Care Under One Roof! Our patients and their families have come to love this convenience. For this, we consider our office one of the best kept secrets in the Triad!

As a mother, my approach to dental care is what I value most: personalized, comprehensive, and compassionate. I give loads of individualized attention to each patient and their family. We approach things the way I wish all offices could – in a gentle, fun, calm, relaxing, informative and educational manner. You get a lot of “Face-Time” with me, the Dentist! Our team is fully capable, but I enjoy working closely with each family and patient. Our world is so busy (and often stressful), that our office strives to minimize that rushed / over-whelming feeling you may experience in other offices.

I’ll share some of the most FAQs:

Q: When should I schedule my child for their first dental visit?
Age 1. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend that a child have their first dental “well check” by their 1st birthday. We can build a great oral health foundation by establishing a Dental Home early in the child’s life. As a birthday gift to my young patients; I offer FREE COMPREHENSIVE INFANT ORAL HEALTH CARE EXAMS until age 14 months. Just call the office at (336) 282-4022, to schedule!

Q: What do you cover at the first visit? (Especially, if my child has no teeth?)

A: These visits are very informative and a great way to check us out and meet Dr. Sona! We go over many aspects of how to care for your baby’s mouth as they reach various milestones in their development. A few things we focus on include:
-why baby teeth are important
-determine if your baby has an optimal diet (for cavity prevention); including fluoride
-demonstrate proper ways to clean your baby’s gums and teeth
-perform a cavity risk assessment and discuss individualized recommendations
-review pacifier, digit sucking or other oral habits and/or issues
-answer any additional questions or concerns

Q: Can my child and I be seen at the same time?
A: Of Course. We make every effort to coordinate Pediatric and Adult appointments when requested. This is a HUGE TIME SAVER for today’s busy families. (Of course, your child needs to be emotionally and developmentally ready.)

Q: Does my child ever have to “graduate” or “age out” of your office?

A: No. We all know that children grow up way too quickly. As a result, their needs change from pediatric patients to young adults. Many times their mouths can grow into adult mouths before their bodies do; for this we are well equipped! We have the luxury of having Dr. Hatcher, a Comprehensive General Dentist, that we can consult if Jr. has “adult oral needs” but still needs the T/L/C from a Pediatric Dentist! Also, when it comes time for Jr. to see the Hygienist and/or General Dentist on a permanent basis- no need leave the office they know and love. Everything can transition, easily, under one roof—to the “Adult Side”!

Q: What makes your patients so happy? And what do they like most about you/your office?

A: We work on creating a warm, comfortable, and personalized visit for each of our patients and their families. We pride ourselves in: a high level of service and quality of specialized care.
To make your visit as pleasant as possible, we offer the following to all our patients:
-soothing, calm environment (it’s okay if the children cry – we are equipped for this)
-coffee, tea, water, great magazines, and toys
-tv/video/music above head; at all dental chairs
-private rooms (with doors)
-lazy-boy type dental chairs and boosters for the little ones
-sunglasses/eye protection
-warm blankets
-continual reinvestment into the practice; recently renovated, state-of-art equipment and technology
-friendly, gentle, well trained team
-toys, stickers, and prizes to reward a job well done

Q: What if I do not have dental insurance?
No problem, many of our patients don’t. We believe all patients that want the opportunity to have a great Dental Home, should! For this, we offer: an in-house dental savings plan–with plans as low as $25/month for Specialized Pediatric Dental Care and $28/month for Adult Routine Care.

Q: What services does your office offer?
We offer Comprehensive Pediatric and Adult Care under one roof!
Pediatric Dental Services: (Provided by Board Certified Pediatric Dentist)
-Preventative Dental Services (Cleanings, Digital X-Rays, Fluoride, Education)
-Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)
-Sedation and General Anesthesia for Children
-Fillings (tooth colored)
-Pediatric Crowns and Root Canals
-Pediatric Extractions
-Space Maintainers
-Habit Appliances

Comprehensive Adult Care: (Provided by Comprehensive General Dentist)
-Cosmetic Dentistry (Porcelain Veneers & Crowns)
-Implant Dentistry
-IV and General Sedation Dentistry (for Adults)
-Restorative Dentistry
-Same Day Crowns
-Teeth Whitening
-Root Canals

If you think our office would be a great fit for your child and/or family; call to make an appointment, today! Share this article with those who may be interested in what we offer and the experience we think you deserve!

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