By Guest Blogger Annette George

I can’t change who I am, but I can change the world as I am.” ~ John Paul George

For our family, twenty six years ago, there wasn’t supposed to be hope. My son, John Paul, was born in Winston-Salem with a rare condition called HypoPlastic Left Heart. Simply put, John Paul only had half a heart. John Paul might have had only half a heart, but his was a heart of unbounded courage and strength. He lived life to the fullest. He inspired people with his story. Not only did he inspire his community he reached those near and far through his book, Heart of a Lion: A Story of God’s Grace and a Family’s Hope. He appeared on The Today Show, Fox and Friends, EWTN and the PGA of America aired a segment about John Paul nationally.

Our family has been working on our juice company for a few years. During this process John Paul was fully involved and excited for this new venture. He truly believed in the exotic flavors and he told me the juice was going to be a big hit. We finally got our first shipment in the warehouse. A week later, on August 20, 2017 John Paul went in for a heart transplant. Unfortunately, on September 10, 2017 John Paul passed away from complications. He never got to see his dream come to fruition.

Since the passing of John Paul, my life has been a haze. Most days I feel as though I am on autopilot. However, my son’s willpower throughout his life always inspired me. That inspiration challenges me each day! Challenges me to wake up, walk through the haze and share John Paul’s legacy. It was his dream to help others. Giving Organic Juice honors his dream and is now my vision, my mission.

We nurture every sip of Giving… USDA Organic, Non-GMO, No Added Sugar and No Preservatives, 100% Fruit Juice and is Made in the USA. Giving is available in Apple, Tropical and Mango. The flavors are pure, fresh and rich in vitamin C.

I am extremely honored and proud that John Paul is smiling down from the shelves Publix and over 900 Food Lion locations throughout the Southeast. Not to mention, John Paul’s message resonates in  schools, restaurants, gourmet markets and hospitals. Kids and families deem Giving “The Best Juice Ever!!” Inspired by John Paul this simple beverage company is hoping to make a big difference.

Through John Paul, God revealed how our weakness can become our greatest strength. Although John Paul is no longer with us on earth his legacy lives on through Giving Organic Juice and his foundation. John Paul’s Heart of a Lion Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, helps those who have traveled a similar path as we have. Helping families with children in the hospital and those in need.

Giving is proud to partner with  Little Smiles, YWCA, YMCA, Boy & Girls Club, Police Athletic League for at Risk Youth and Seniors, Youth Empowerment Program, Arts for Smiles, Living Hungry and Quantum House etc. As our Giving footprint expands so does our ability to share John Paul’s #lovewithoutlimits.

Giving touches the hearts of kids and families with every sip. With every sip of Giving we put smiles on the faces of kids and families and give to those in need. I believe if we lead with our hearts others will follow. So, the next time you visit Food Lion be sure to look for Giving on the grocery aisle and help us make a difference.

John Paul’s legacy propels me forward in life. I will never be able to feel his sweet arms around me, hear his amazing laughter, see his smiling face and sparkling brown eyes or hear his voice, but I am blessed to feel his presence. John Paul was truly a gift to my life.  I hope I am making him proud!

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