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It’s the time of year for celebrating family and exchanging gifts. However, coming up with gift ideas can be hard, especially if the person getting the gift is a child.  I came across some advice of what to give children. This is what it said:

“Give a child something they need, something they want, something to read, and something to wear.”

In regards to that advice, I find the “something they want” to be the most difficult. If you are like me, you may feel the pressure to get something a child or children will want. Kids have a variety of toys marketed to them, but it’s important to get them something that will make them excited. A gift that they won’t become bored with in three minutes. That’s’ why I created a list.  While it does not include every possible gift that be given, it does give some helpful ideas on what to get elementary-age children (ages 5-11).  I hope that you will find something that peeks your child’s interest.

Gifts That Please All

While some gifts are specifically for certain age groups, the gifts below work for any elementary age. Pop-its and Dimples are favorites among my daughter and her friends. I even find myself playing with the toys. Fidgeting is truly a ‘thing’, and these toys are great for concentration and fun. Another item that might work for a child is the Electronic Writing Tablet. Do you have a child who always wants your electronics?  Give them this. The writing tablet comes with a special pen made for the screen and they will no longer come after your items.

For the child who wants something a bit more interactive, consider the Interactive Globe. This Globe brings Earth to life. Kids can view oceans, learn about countries and get a picture of wildlife.  This type of globe wasn’t around at my age (I wish it was). Another gift is the Pokemon Battle Academy. My son is hooked on Pokemon, and this trading card board game is great for kids. If your child is also into puzzles, consider the jumbo 48 Piece Splash Park Puzzle. It’s specifically made for them, but parents may find themselves involved as well.  Now, if you have a little scientist, the National Geographic Science Kit would be a great gift for the experimentalist.

Creative Play

Now, don’t think that you have to spend a great deal of money or solely get you child digital gifts. Any gift that invites creativity is the best present. Is your child a photographer? A writer? An Engineer? Maybe, your child is an artist? If so, the gifts below can release the imagination in any child. One gift is creating an art box. Believe it or not, kids love simple but interactive gifts. Washable Paint, paintbrushes, crayons, a small canvas, glitter, stickers, and your child’s imagination creates a wonderful combination! Another idea is the Draw Your Own Comic Book: This gift allows the child superhero to create a fantastic story and learn about comic book creation.

Your child may be an artist in another way. Maybe a photographer? Consider the mini-instant camera. This is something that my 9-year old adores. If you have a child who’s taken 1000 pictures on your phone, this is the gift for you. For the one who has become addicted to bath bombs, look at the Bath Bomb Science Kit. Bath bombs were a hit this year for kids, as well as adults. This gift allows your child to create personalized bath bombs and learn how they are produced. Another gift for someone who enjoys creativity and electronics would enjoy the Hand operated Drone for Kids.

Family Time

Although this post is about gifts for a child, some of their gifts are great for the whole family to enjoy. The Pictionary Air Drawing Game is great for family to test their drawing and guessing skills. Other games such as the Disney Mad Tea Party Set, What Do You Meme Family Edition, Nerf Gun for the Family, Apples to Apples Junior, and Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone end up being a blast for the family. I know that my family has had a great time with the Nerf Guns.


Finally, giving your child an experience is always a hit, especially if it can be repeated. Experiences are all about making memories and even spending one on one time.  Try these out:

  • Bowling passes
  • Season passes to a museum
  • Membership to an organization (ex. Humane Society). This is a great idea to get kids focused on their passion, while also volunteering or donating items.
  • Trampoline Jumping Passes. Who likes jumping more than kids? Jumping passes keeps them going and save you money.
  • Annual Passes to National Parks
  • Tickets to a sporting event or on-stage performance
  • Subscription boxes:  Boxes such as Little Passports, KiwiCo for Kids, Literati Kids, Kids’ Art Box, Eat2Explore and more are great for ongoing experiences.  These boxes also allow the rest of the family to participate.

As you prepare to shop and create excitement and memories for a young child, be sure to consider any of the gifts above.  Also, consider creating experiences of your own. It makes the gift sweeter!

Do you have any other ideas you can add to my list? Please comment below!

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