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I think we can all agree that if there were ever a year that needs some holiday cheer, it’s this year. I love that folks had holiday decorations up early because it really has helped bring happiness and joy into many people’s hearts. Now that Thanksgiving is behind us it’s time to get busy with shopping for the holidays – especially if you’re planning on shopping online. They’re forecasting that online sales will increase almost 50% over last year with folks limiting their times spent in stores which means shipping will take longer than normal. So keep that in mind when you plan out your buying list. 

One of the toughest groups to buy for are our teens and tweens. When you ask them what they want, the usual answer is cash or gift cards and while those are great and easy gifts to give, they lack the personal touch that we like to think of when gifting someone we love. I’m hopeful that you’ll find some unique and interesting ideas in this list and that the young adult in your life likes them as well!

Here are some favorites in our house:

Elago Personal Charging Stand – Perfect for the nightstand so your teen can charge their phone, AirPods, and smartwatch.

Weighted Blanket – My youngest has one and absolutely loves it. Actually, any person I’ve ever talked to goes on and on about how much better they sleep with one and it’s definitely on the list of my other two this year! 

Tile Mate – Young driver in the house who can never find their keys or always seems to lose their wallet or phone? This practical yet useful gift will save them a lot of time and you a lot of frustrations!

KODAK Smile Instant Print Digital Camera – This was a huge hit in our house last year and shockingly, the novelty hasn’t worn off yet!

Power Pack External Charger – How many times have we all heard that they couldn’t text us back because their battery on their phone was almost dead? This will solve that problem. That is as long as they remember to charge the charger! 

ENO Camping Hammock – We have a few of these in our house and love them because you can pretty much hang them up anywhere! Great excuse to get outside and enjoy fresh air and nature!

Cinema Light Box Marquee – Fun and creative way to express themselves!

Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadows – I can’t remember a year that this hasn’t been on my oldest daughter’s list because they are a big hit if your teen loves makeup.

Selfie Ring Light and Stand – Future influencer in the making? Do they love making TikToks and Reels? This is a must-have, then! I recommend them for anyone who does any kind of video recording or is on Zoom video calls – makes a HUGE difference!

Drone – Honestly, I think most of us would have some fun with a drone and since you need to be outside to use it, that’s a great bonus!

And of course, you can never go wrong with…

Games and puzzles – Whether you do them together as a family or just have them stocked and ready to play when friends come over, having a good selection of games automatically makes for a fun time.

Experiences – What are some of the things they love to do? If they’re interested in food, maybe a food tour once they’re available again. Sporting events or lessons are another great idea. Of course, there could be a wait but giving a future gift of an experience gives them something to look forward to!

Monthly Subscriptions – These are usually a big hit with everyone and there are so many to choose from now. The best part is if you get them a year’s subscription, it’s the gift that keeps arriving every single month!

Gift Cards – I try to ‘theme’ my gift cards. For example, one year I did a new driver gift card pack and had ones from places like Sheetz (or any gas station), McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, etc. Another one was a glam theme and had nail salon, massage, Forever 21, etc. included. 

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