By Guest Blogger Ginny Olson

I remember the day distinctly. I was 12. It was Thanksgiving. My cousin was in town. I told no one.

Fast forward 3 months later when it happened to my cousin. She got a dozen roses and dinner out on the town and a shopping spree. Everyone was excited.

I still don’t like to talk about it. I have boys, so at least I can ease into the topic when they are ready. Versus nature deciding to make the announcement for me.

I have no idea where I got the idea that it should be a taboo subject. Or why I felt like it was something to hide.

But today, I’m turning a new leaf and yelling PERIOD PARTY really loudly into the internet. (Although I’m still too chicken to say it really loudly at an actual party.)

All thanks to my girlfriends who do have daughters. Who will have to talk about it sooner rather than later. And who suggested I write about HOW TO THROW YOUR DAUGHTER A PERIOD PARTY!

How to throw your daughter a PERIOD PARTY

Here’s everything you need to know to throw your daughter a period party on her special day.

First things first: guests are optional.

If your daughter is like my 12-year-old self, she DOES N-O-T NOT want an actual party with a cake and streamers and a boy band serenading her.

Instead, she wants you to package all the party supplies into a box. That you leave on her bed. For her to open in private.

So, with that in mind, go find an awesome box and fill it with goodies. Then decorate it with super heroine stickers and glitter. Because girls are strong and this is a PERIOD PARTY in a box!

Period Party Supplies! (In a box!)

  1. A bottle of Midol. And perhaps a heating pad for cramps.
  2. Emergency school supplies: Period panties and feminine wipes in case the luxurious school toilet paper doesn’t do its job. Plus, a discreet little clutch bag to keep everything in.
  3. Speaking of school, include a fabulous hoodie she can keep in her backpack AT ALL TIMES. To tie around her waist when the unthinkable happens and she’s wearing white pants. (Thank you, Katie Nelson from 7th grade, for saving me that day.)
  4. A comfy pair of elastic-wasted pants in her favorite color.
  5. Mace. To drive away nosy boys.
  6. Teen Vogue. Because Cosmo isn’t exactly 12-year-old girl appropriate.
  7. A dozen roses. In honor of my aunt who had the balls to make a big deal out of this girly milestone for my cousin.
  8. Confetti or little balloons that automatically inflate when you open the box lid. Is that a thing? It seems like it should be a thing. Maybe I’m thinking of those gender reveal parties where all the pink balloons come spilling out of the box when they open the lid. I guess those aren’t magic balloons. Just actual balloons filled with helium. Trapped inside the box waiting for the SURPRISE! moment.
  9. Jewelry to mark the special occasion. Perhaps a bracelet with an inspirational quote. Or a necklace simply decorated with a single pearl or her birthstone. Or maybe a tattoo?
  10. Organic tampons. Fun fact: I’m still traumatized by that one time at church camp when a friend handed me a tampon and sent me off to the bathroom to figure out what to do with it. Haven’t used one since. It mighta helped if she’d also given me some lube – but hey, church camp…
  11. A copy of Judy Bloom’s Are You There, God? It’s Me Margaret. The ultimate book about girls and puberty.
  12. GIANT nighttime maxi pads. WITH WINGS. Plus, panty liners for light days. And how about adding a sticky note on each box to make it SUPER CLEAR about when to use each of them? Because panty liners can’t be trusted for bedtime duty.
  13. CHOCOLATE!!!! Or whatever her favorite snacky dessert thing is. Poppin’ Jalapeno Doritos, anyone?
  14. A love note from mom (or DAD!) To let her know you’re proud of her. And that she’s still that lovely little girl, even though her body feels a little weird right now.

Then, leave the box on her bed and let her open it on her own. Just in case she’s like me and doesn’t really want to talk about any of this.

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Ginny Olson is the author of the blog, a love letter to moms, both new and seasoned, journeying from sleep deprived to joy-arrived. When not riding-herd over two small male children, Ginny runs the career strategy firm, Brand Elements Coaching, where she helps professionals navigate the job market and successfully undertake career pivots. She also teaches Marketing for Nonprofits at the local university.

Ginny’s writing has appeared in GLAMOUR magazine, the Greensboro News & Record, Piedmont Parent, and Triad Moms on Main, as well as several mom blogs. You can follow MothersRest on Facebook.