By TMoM Team Member Dennette Bailey

Even before the pandemic, women have craved opportunities to network with one another. It gives us an opportunity to run ideas by others or get perspectives we might not have considered. Moreover, it gives us an opportunity to develop relationships, some life-long, that add to our overall understanding in business and in our daily lives’.

It is possible that the pandemic has impressed upon us the need to develop relationships and networks with like-minds as well as with minds of different opinions. I had an opportunity to experience the benefits of an organization that I had no idea was here in the Triad, and I thought I would share it with you.

HUSTLE, a nonprofit located in Winston-Salem, is a gem of a resource for women looking to network. The organization describes themselves as one that “facilitates and promotes a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem by working with both entrepreneurs and community stakeholders.” As a result, they are a major resource for “women of all races, ages, classes and backgrounds and educational levels.”

HUSTLE boasts many opportunities through various networking groups, and professional trainings. These opportunities include:

~ HER HUSTLE – where crafters, whether for business or pleasure, can meet and receive a free 3-month membership to Mixxer. A community working space, Mixxer offers a maker space and equipment for crafting.

~ Womenpreneur Workshops – an opportunity for women to network, listen to key speakers, learn to make a market map, and receive branding and support for their respective businesses.

~ Pow-Her-Ful – a quarterly opportunity to hear women speakers empower other women.

~ Marketing Outside the Box – a resource available to anyone seeking to learn how to market and brand their business.

HUSTLE also collaborates with the Small Business Center at Forsyth Technical Community College under the auspices of Allan Younger,  the director of the Small Business Center

HUSTLE is certainly a supportive resource for anyone, but their primary focus is on women as well as marginalized groups where they offer special resources to interface and grow from networking opportunities. Before Covid, HUSTLE made free spaces available for offices and meetings, and they look forward to returning to that model when it is safe for large groups to gather.

While the organization caters to entrepreneurs, Interim Executive Director Magalie Yacinthe explained that the services and meeting rooms are available to women who haven’t yet started a business, as well as mom groups who are simply looking to network and get a feel for the entrepreneurial spirit. There are various ways to connect with the organization including their website, , their Facebook page and their newsletter.

*Photo from HUSTLE Facebook page

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