Is there anything a Triad mom cannot do? Today we feature SIX fantastic Triad women who are successful in their own entrepreneurial endeavors as well as in their personal lives. Chances are good you’ll want to get to know these ladies since each of them was inspired to start a business to help other women and mothers.

Every month we seek moms we can profile as a “Main Street Mom on the Move” – someone who is making a difference in the lives of their families, friends, strangers, themselves and the community. Do you know such a mom? Are you that mom? Email us and tell us! We love to meet moms we can celebrate here on Triad Moms on Main!

Let’s get to know the Sandy, Flavia, Katie, Christy, Maggie and Tara…

Sandy Gordon

If you’re a TMoM Facebook fan, you may remember a giveaway we ran featuring free consultation hours with Organized4Life, a home organizing business based in Winston-Salem. The giveaway was a huge success, and today we’re featuring the brains behind that booming business.

Sandy Gordon started Organized4Life 12 years ago after a friend asked her for help in getting ready to move out of state. After that, Sandy was referred to more friends needing help, and then her business took off. Sandy (a wife and mother of three) and her business partner, Becky Porterfield, stay busy consulting and transforming clients’ living and work spaces into well-organized areas that are practical and easy to maintain.

A two-time cancer survivor, Sandy often tells clients there are few people in this world who are perfect. “Sometimes people are embarrassed to have a stranger come in their home and see a mess. We’re all in the same boat. But it’s the smart client who knows when it’s time to ask for help.”

The most rewarding aspect of her job? “Seeing the instant results of our hard work, and forming lasting relationships with clients,” she says. Organized4Life has had some of the same clients for over 10 years, and as life changes for them, Sandy and Becky are there to see them through it.

Aside from Organized4Life, Sandy has worked with infants at New Philadelphia preschool in Winston-Salem for over five years, is a member of the Friends of Reynolda Library board, tutors at Old Town Elementary School, and is involved with her church nursery.

For more information about Organized4Life, visit their Facebook page here or email them or call 336.978.5890.

Flavia Nazareth

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Flavia was inspired to start the popular Little Blank Canvas, an art enrichment studio for children, after her father passed away. A former artist and architect, Flavia’s father was also once the art teacher for several years at her elementary and middle schools in Brazil. “I’m not sure why, but only after he passed I felt connected with my artistic side again.”

After her daughter, Olivia, was born, Flavia transformed her guest bedroom into a home studio. By the time Olivia was 18 months old, Flavia noticed how happy she was whenever they created something together. Flavia then started hosting “art play dates” at her home. Last May she originally opened ON THE GO studio where she was able to test art projects and events before officially opening Little Blank Canvas last August.

Today at Little Blank Canvas, children (ages 18 months to 14 years) explore and play with a variety of media in a safe, fun and engaging environment. The studio offers workshops, open studio hours, birthday parties, as well as classes for adults. For more information about Little Blank Canvas and how to register for classes, click here to read her recent post on our site.

Flavia, her husband Philip, and their daughter Olivia (now age 3) reside in High Point. Before moving to NC in 2006, Flavia practiced law for 10 years in Brazil. In NC, she also once worked for a Brazilian furniture association during the High Point Furniture Market, and as an administrative assistant. Flavia also just became an American citizen one month ago!

The Women of Jack and Jill Designs

Katie Poole, Christy Botros, Maggie Craven and Tara Thacker represent the creative team behind Jack and Jill Designs, an online children’s apparel line that features high quality smocked, monogrammable, and applique clothing at very affordable prices. All of these ladies currently live in Greensboro, most of them all grew up in and around the Triad area, and because of common connections, they’re not only good business partners but also good friends.

Together, they work as a team on most of the business, design, and conceptual decisions. They’ve divided their responsibilities into shipping/receiving, financial, marketing/legal, and communications. The only thing they outsource is monogramming. “We’re simply moms who want to dress our children in high quality clothing and we want to help others do the same,” says Maggie. “We all have a passion for quality children’s clothes and we love to do it affordably.”

The idea behind Jack and Jill Designs was sparked during a couples’ mountain getaway weekend in March of 2012. Their first collection was launched in January of 2013.

“We feel the quality and affordability is what makes us unique compared to our competitors,” adds Maggie. “Our manufacturer has been in the industry for years and has a great reputation for high quality.”

All four women have two young children each. And when not designing or fulfilling orders, Maggie stays at home, Katie works in commercial real estate, Tara works in the corporate world, and Christy is a stay-at-home mom.

They’re currently hiring hostesses to host home parties, and you can email them at for trunk show information. And you can view their Fall 2013 collection now at