By TMoM Team Member Rachel Hoeing

Have you heard the news? Midtown Cafe & Dessertery has just become even better. Right inside the doors of this well-known, favorite restaurant, you will now find “Midtown Market.” It is stocked with your favorite soups, salads, comfort food dinners and more! These meals are already prepared and ready for your enjoyment. Want to know more? Check out our top ten reasons you should pop in!

1. All Moms Love a Good Deal

From now until September 30th, if you spend $25, you get $5 off your Midtown Market Purchase of $25 or more! Just mention TMoM, or show this blog from your mobile phone. (Offer excludes bakery items.)

2. Single Servings

Midtown Market strives to be unique, and one thing they noticed about other fresh to-go type meals is that you can seldom purchase individual servings. At Midtown Market, single servings are available so that mom can enjoy her Gorgonzola salad, dad will be thrilled with his comfort meatloaf, your son can enjoy the delicious mac and cheese, and your daughter will slurp up her chicken & rice soup. These individual servings are also perfect for single moms and dads to pick up a quick, healthy meal without tons of leftovers!

3. Lighter and Healthier Options

Don’t worry, Midtown will always have their comfort foods like lasagna and chicken & dumplings, but they also realize that as a society we are trying our best to eat healthier. Not only are they offering single sized portions to help us stop eating when we are full, but their featured specials are healthier as well. There are usually at least five different salads from which to choose, as well as fresh fruit bowls, yogurt bowls and their famous granola!

4. Convenience

You don’t want to take your kids to the grocery store and they aren’t fans of going either. No problem. Lucky for you, there is a special Midtown to-go parking spot just steps away from the side door. Your family can slip in and out in no time and the kids will love choosing their own meals through the glass case as well.

5. The Taste

I think this is my number one reason to stop by Midtown Market. The meals are simply delicious. Their soups are some of my favorites and I know with the fall season just around the corner, the Taco Stew, Vegetable Beef, and Chicken & Rice soups will be calling my name. As I mentioned earlier, their comfort foods are divine and include amazing sides like the mac & cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy. Their salads are always fresh and the dressings are amazing as well. Be on the lookout for featured specials that will change over the weeks and will be sure to delight all tastebuds! I tasted the Scrimp Scampi recently and it was light and delicious!

6. Last Minute Dinner Solution

You’ve had a majorly productive day. You’ve been to work, you’ve juggled the children and their breakfasts, lunches and homework, you’ve thrown in a load of laundry and returned a couple phonecalls. You are amazing! Then as you are driving everyone home from soccer practice, your son asks, “What’s for dinner?” Yikes. Dinner. That was the one thing you forgot. Luckily, Midtown Market is your go-to for to-go! Stop in, choose your meals, and if you get home and serve them on formal dinnerware and act like you cooked them yourself, we’ll never tell.

7. Microwave, Freeze and ReUse!

All selections come in a microwavable container. How easy is that? If you are not ready to enjoy your meal within a few days, the containers are also made to be able to keep them in the freezer. Then simply thaw, and reheat when you are ready. Lastly, the containers are reusable and perfect for storing leftovers or packing lunches.

8. Meals for Others

It seems that there is always someone who has had a baby, has been in the hospital, has a sick family member, or who has recently lost a loved one. These are times where we all dive in and help others out by bringing meals. Unfortunately, there are many times when I sign up for a meal and then once the day arrives, I am frazzled because I have committed myself to too much. Midtown Market is a simple answer to the problem. I have stopped in and gathered an assortment of menu items for the family in need and they have been thrilled with their dinner! (One of my favorite things to purchase is the Pimento Cheese. Everyone LOVES it!)

9. Desserts

You will find a delectable assortment of bakery items that are simply amazing. I know we were just talking about healthier and lighter, but you will not be able to resist these goodies! In addition to the existing line up of 20 made from scratch desserts, Midtown has reintroduced the triple chocolate and chocolate chip cheesecakes. These are baked in house, and both feature a signature oreo cookie crust. Needless to say, these will melt in your mouth! Available by the slice in the Midtown Market.

10. A Classic

Midtown Cafe & Dessertery has been a favorite restaurant for over 25 years. Not only are they a trusted business, but their staff is extremely  friendly and helpful. We love to support local and hope you will, too.

Enjoy visiting Midtown Market and don’t forget to ask for your $5 off when you mention TMoM or show this blog! Restaurant is located at 151 S. Stratford Road in Winston-Salem.

*Sponsored by Midtown Cafe & Dessertery