By Emily Saunders

If your house and life are life mine they are messy and busy. I clean off our kitchen island at least 15 times per day yet it is still always covered with paper! With a never ending to do list and a super busy calendar figuring out a way to make more time in your day by maximizing the precious time you do have and reducing your to do list can be oh so very helpful.

1. Only Touch it Once: Open an email that needs a response. Do it now- while you remember and it’s fresh. Don’t make yourself crazy, but if you can just respond. All that paper mail that stacks up on your counter-Open it when it arrives and either file it, toss it or make a stack of bills that you pay online (save a check and a stamp and lots of time once per week). Done!

2. Maximize Idle Time: Do you sit in the Carpool line for hours at a time? How about waiting to pick your kids up from soccer or ballet? How about waiting at a doctor’s appointment? Plan in advance and use this time to make your grocery list, catch up on reading, clip coupons, read a book, or spend some time in the Word.

3. Double your Recipes: Make your family favorites and freeze half. Done and Done!

4. Shop with a List: Planning meals in advance saves big on time and takes the stress out of “what’s for dinner?”. Commit to only grocery shopping once per week and cleaning out your cabinets and freezer in the process. We offer TONS of healthy and easy recipes in the Momsanity Sisterhood.

5. Prioritize your List: Rather than stifling yourself with a mile long to do list prioritize. Pick the top things that must be done FIRST and then go from there. Often times the list of “must dos” is much more manageable than it seems. Try to do one thing each day that keeps being pushed to the bottom.

6. Clean/Organize in 5 to 15 Minute Increments: When we learn to tackle one drawer or closet at a time the task is not so overwhelming. Keep a box of “giveaway” items and when it’s full take it to Good Will or your favorite charity. If you haven’t used it or worn it in a year then it’s time to get rid of it.

7. Prepare the Night Before: If getting ready for school is your biggest stressor of the day as it is for many, then prepare in advance. Pack lunches, prepare backpacks, pack the car, prepare your work stuff, get your workout clothes out etc. the night before so that the morning routine is less stressful.

8. Stay Eternity Minded:
When your schedule gets busy or your list gets long give it to God. Ask yourself- does this matter for eternity? If the answer is no then take a big breath, say a prayer and move along 🙂

What are your best time management tips for fellow Moms? How do you streamline tasks and chores to make your life easier?

Emily Saunders is part of the Momsanity Team, which is a community of Moms striving to achieve balance through physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. You can read more about this amazing program here, and also get information about the Momsanity Sisterhood here. The Sisterhood is a closed group with nutrition guidelines, workouts designed for fat loss and strength building, daily spiritual guidance, and more!