By TMoM Team Member Sandy Harper

When hearing the word Chiropractor, many think of a person cracking your back. However, there is much more to this practice than just cracking your spine. Chiropractic care is a method for full body healing and wellness.

The doctors and team at Twin City Health take chiropractic care to an entirely new level. Their ability to make their patients feel seen, hopeful, loved and a priority is top notch in any medical care facility. Their motto is “We exist so people can experience hope, health and wholeness.”

The patients at Twin City Health are quick to praise the exceptional experience and care they received. Their testimonies are a small glimpse into what care at Twin City Health is for a patient.


“I first went to Twin City Health in the fall of 2018 after I had fallen in a store while testing out a chair. I had been to a different chiropractor in town, but was not seeing improvements and slowly felt more and more uncomfortable there. After my consultation with Dr. Nixon, I felt seen, cared for, and like a member of the family.” – Dana Beatty

“After years of back pain (due to scoliosis), anxiety and gut issues, I took my chance with a new form of care. I was surprised when the doctors actually listened to me! Together, we figured out my initial plan for improving my health. I finally felt something new, hope!” – Sandy Harper


“The team helped me to understand why I was feeling the way I was and helped me heal. They helped me to get back to walking without pain and also learn about good supplements to help me. As the years went by, they have supported me through 2 pregnancies and postpartum journeys. During my second pregnancy, my back gave out and they helped me get back to moving and lifting my 13-month-old. I tell people, “Without the TCH family I would be struggling to walk right now.” -Dana Beatty

“As my time at Twin City Health continued many of my ailments improved greatly. When a care plan didn’t seem to work, the doctors would work with me to try something else. They constantly supported me and made sure what we were doing was helpful. I even decided to bring in my children. They helped my, then 10-month-old, son with his constipation issues. Which in turn, improved his attitude and frustrated demeanor. Additionally, I saw a huge improvement in my family’s health and lack of typical colds.” -Sandy Harper


“I have now been with TCH for 5 years. Their office is one of my happy places. Their care, encouragement, continued support and smiles have supported my growing family.  My husband Jimmy and my two littles, Owen and Hudson, have all been adjusted by TCH as well. Their support with my littles has been huge during teething, walking, and overall growing stages.

I am so thankful for all the help and care they have shown my family. Each member of their team has touched my family in a special way and they truly have become family.” -Dana Beatty

“Experiencing whole health is something I have never experienced before in my four decades of life. Honestly, I didn’t even know it existed. The doctors treated all my ailments with deep understanding and getting to the root of the issues. Never did I feel that they were just trying to slap a bandage on my issues.

Walking into Twin City Health is like a breath of fresh air. The people and the building embody light, love and freedom. Freedom from the problems of the day and worries at present. Never has a place made my heath and heart feel more whole.” -Sandy Harper

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The Twin City Health family is ready for when you decide it is time to start your health journey. You simply make an appointment, and they will guide you through the rest. They will explain to you their approach and listen to your needs.

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