By Guest Blogger Tracy Huneycutt

My 10-year-old son has been battling seasonal allergies since he was a toddler. Several times a year, a clear, runny nose would be our first indicator that something in nature was blooming or pollenating. For years we managed his allergies with over-the-counter medicines and “traditional” methods. But 2022 proved to the most difficult year for his allergies that we have encountered to date. Despite continuing to take medicine, every few weeks my son would have frequent sneezing, coughing, and headaches, in addition to his runny nose.

I began researching alternative methods for combating seasonal allergies. In return, I came across information about spending time in a Himalayan pink salt cave. I was already familiar with many of the health benefits of Himalayan pink salt. Some of these healing properties include body detoxification, lowering blood pressure, aiding hydration, digestion, and sleep, exfoliating skin, and soothing sore muscles. Since Himalayan pink salt can help to flush out the sinuses and purify the air, it was listed as a potential treatment option for seasonal allergies.

The premise of Himalayan caves is to be fully immersed in a pink salt experience. The the floors and walls are covered in pink salt, and the Himalayan salt is also filtered through the air that patrons breathe while sitting in the cave. There are several pink salt caves in the Triad area. After doing some online research, we decided on one based on the many 5-star reviews we encountered on Google.

We booked our first appointment through email and arrived 10 minutes early for our visit. Even though there is a “cave” where patrons sit for their treatment, the establishment also has a front lobby and a rear relaxation area. I decided to sit in on the session with my son, both to supervise him, but also to reap some of the expected benefits.

To prepare for our experience, we took off our shoes and socks, and left our personal items outside of the cave (no electronics or cell phones were permitted in the cave.) We entered a dimly lit room with a handful of other patrons, and we took a seat in a reclining chair. The room was decorated like a Mount Everest excursion, and we learned that the pink salt bricks and rocks that covered the room were imported from Pakistan. After the owner went over the expected benefits of the session and what to anticipate during our time in the cave, she closed the door, dimmed the lights further, and began the process of filtering additional pink salt throughout the cave.

We then relaxed in the darkened room for 45 minutes while gentle music played through a speaker. Draping a clean blanket over your chair and dozing off are optional. After our session was over, we spent some time in the rear relaxation room, where patrons can sip on tea or water.

Before we left, we were cautioned that during the next 24-hours, our bodies would begin a detoxification process. I did wake up in the middle of the night as my body began to flush different toxins out. I overheard my son wake up in his room, and begin a process of sneezing a dozen times, blowing his nose, and then repeating that process many more times. Although a little inconvenient that first night, we both immediately began to see the benefits of our time in the cave. Our son’s seasonal allergy symptoms were virtually gone by the next day, and he enjoyed relief from his symptoms for another 6-8 weeks, before we booked our next session.

Salt caves offer patrons many appointment options and membership packages. How often appointments are booked depends on the individual and how severe their symptoms and their needs are, as well as their financial preferences. How effective the treatments are can vary for everyone, as well. As a mom, I am grateful to have found a natural, alternative method for managing my son’s seasonal allergies – a method that also boasts many other health benefits. I am also appreciative for an opportunity to continue teaching my son about holistic health and learning effective ways to help his body stay strong.

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