By Katie Moosbrugger

In our house, we have five family members. My husband and I, our two children, and our dog, Chloe. We share all the comforts of home with Chloe (including our couches, chairs, beds and even meals on the same schedule). Rarely a day goes by where we don’t shower Chloe with hugs, kisses, and terms of endearment. While we’ve only had her for four short years, it’s hard to picture life without her. (Remember this post? Bringing Chloe home was like having a newborn in our house again!)

So naturally when our family goes out of town and we cannot bring Chloe along, finding someone who will care for her with the same love and respect is always important to us. We’ve used several different boarding kennels around town, but until we found Carolina Pet Place, nothing gave us the “home away from home” feeling we were looking for.

CPP5One of the first things I noticed when Chloe and I made our first visit to Carolina Pet Place was the cleanliness. Pets are a messy bunch, and it’s understandable to have a certain type of doggie odor lingering around. However, that was not the case. Designed by a veterinarian, Carolina Pet Place sets the standards high among luxury boarding facilities. Not only do they offer the most spacious runs for dogs in Forsyth County, but their facility is specifically designed for easy clean up and care. Their facilities are immaculate, and you can truly tell they take pride in the care and services they offer their furry customers.

When booking accommodations, Carolina Pet Place offers several options.

The most popular option is their Standard Run that features spacious 4’ x 14’ climate-controlled kennels, open run areas overlooking a lush tropical courtyard, automatic water bowls and classical music. These runs typically book the fastest.

When the Standard Run options are full, pet parents are able to book the Economy Run at a lower rate. This run features smaller climate-controlled kennels (for dogs up to 85 lbs) with two walks per day. Additionally, Carolina Pet Place offers 12 luxurious suites equipped with CPP9special bedding, TVS and a private environment. These suites come in three sizes ranging from 100 to 170 square feet.

Clients can also add on special a la pet services (such as spa treatments, TV time, snacks, Kong Time, and backyard play) as well as a Pampered Pet package to customize the attention their dog receives.

In addition to overnight services, Carolina Pet Place also offers Pet Park Day Care for dogs. This service is great if your family goes on a day trip, or if you need to leave your pet for longer than usual, or if you just want to set up a play date for him. A typical day includes indoor play time on a park made of K9 Grass, as well as outdoor play and naptime.

Carolina Pet Place also offers services for cats too! Just like the dogs, cats will enjoy climate-controlled condos (different sizes available) plus an exercise tree and special treats like a tile floor with an Oriental rug, live plants and a view of the reception CPP10area and outside.

While all of these conveniences are a perk, the greatest amenity to me is peace of mind. Locally owned and operated, it’s easy to see everyone on staff is attentive and focused on loving and caring for your pet. Plus, Carolina Pet Place is adjacent to the Animal Hospital of Clemmons. If there is ever an emergency, you can rest assure your pet will be in the care of highly trained veterinarians who are easily accessible.

To find out more about Carolina Pet Place, go check them out in person and meet the staff, and bring your pet along! Carolina Pet Place is located at 2645 Neudorf Road in Clemmons (right off Lewisville-Clemmons Rd). Or visit them online here or call (336) 766-4447. Your pet must be current on all vaccines prior to check in. Carolina Pet Place requires proof of DHLP, Rabies, Parvo and Bordetella prior to check-in.

*Sponsored by Carolina Pet Place