By Guest Blogger Lauren Warren 

All-A-Flutter Farm is a wonderful place to visit with family members of all ages. When we visited this working farm during a family day, my daughter was one and my father was seventy-three. They both had a great time!

The butterfly farm is very close to major highways and is easy to get to. They have ample parking and lots of activities to keep the family entertained (other than butterflies, of course!). After parking and checking in, you will be directed to the outdoor amphitheater. The All-A-Flutter Farm staff does a great job putting on an interactive and educational show. We learned about the life cycle of a butterfly, the body parts of the butterfly, as well as local and global conservation efforts.

The Flight House and Farm

After the presentation, the larger group is then broken into smaller groups to enter the flight house. Each participant receives a “sugar stick”, which is essentially a sponge on a stick soaked in sugar water. Upon entering the flight house, the humidity and heat hit you first. Once your eyes adjust, you are greeted with an array of colors and textures. There are beautiful plants growing in the flight house, as well as butterflies fluttering everywhere. We were advised to wear colorful clothing to attract the butterflies and we had my one-year-old dressed like a ruffled tulip, complete with a huge bow on her head. The butterflies could not get enough of her or my husband’s tie-dye shirt.  


After spending time with the butterflies, you are welcome to explore the property.  They have an educational-based play area, with farm-based activities, a misting pergola for those hot summer days, and a shaded nature trail that is stroller friendly.  The nature trail is meant for education and exploration, with information about plants and animals you might see locally.

And don’t forget to stop and see the goats!! My kids (and pretty much every child there) were enthralled.  All-A-Flutter Farm sells food for the goats that you can insert into the no-touch feeder. The food travels down a PVC pipe for the goats to eat. It was pretty entertaining for the kids and the adults.


And after you spend the morning on the farm, you can hit up a place in High Point for lunch and still be home for naptime (kids’ or husband’s nap, whichever).  

Tips for Visiting:

  1. Make sure to check online first.  Family Days are only on select Saturdays from now until August. I would advise buying advanced tickets.
  2. If you have a group of 20 or more, you can schedule a visit during the week.
  3. Dress bright! According to All-A-Flutter’s website, butterflies love colors. And they were definitely drawn to the most brightly dressed members of our group.
  4. Pack snacks and drinks. They do sell water and some candy, but no snacks.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes. There is not a lot of walking but it is in the grass and the ground can be uneven in places.
  6. In addition to the farm, make sure to check out the nursery, where they sell native plants to help with the conservation of the butterflies. Take one home to attract your own butterflies!
  7. They also sell caterpillar castles. You get a plant under a net with 2-3 caterpillars or eggs. Hopefully, they will turn into butterflies for you. And then you can put the plant in your yard!

Enjoy your visit to All-A-Flutter Farm and also be sure to check out more Day Trip Ideas HERE

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