By Guest Blogger Patricia Justice, an interior redesign specialist and professional home stager

With the holiday season right around the corner, and as most of us enjoy family time, we often feel helpless with the thought of keeping it all together on the home front.  I was recently de-junking my garage this week (an ongoing project), and several fantastic time-saver ideas popped into my mind.  When a home’s organization is planned out, you can save hours each year in gained time and energy. In my line of work, I have found homes that are organized and well-maintained give greater perceived value overall.

I hope the following tips help you with some of the little things so that your home, and your life, may be rewarded with more simplicity.  Be blessed, not stressed during the holidays and enjoy each moment as it comes!

The Great “8” Time Saving Tips

1 – Hooks
If you have a place in your home where you can put up a few hooks for things, this makes it so easy to just look, grab and run. Some rooms/hallways even have a space for cubbies/baskets. Taking a wooden bookshelf with square cubes can even be turned horizontally to create more organized space.  And for me, well, I’m “hooked” on hooks!

2 – Everything needs a home
From drawers, closets, and to baskets, storing things in their proper place at the end of the day can save time also.

3 -Labels
Buy a label maker, or, at best, tape index cards with item names onto pantry and office shelves, etc. From spare light bulbs and batteries, to pasta, and to first aid kits, you can save time and money by knowing what is already on hand.

4 – Keep “Staple” Items on Hand
For groceries, keep some basic soups, frozen veggies, rice, pasta, on your shelves at all times. It’s healthier than eating out, saves you time, and knowing that even if you are tired, you can pull a meal together quickly.

5 – Planning Ahead
From putting reminders on your iPhone, fridge calendar and Google calendar, to making lunches/setting out clothes for the next day, mornings and days can be much more hassle free.

6 – Hidden places for Quick Go-to Things
Over-the-door shoe hangers can hold a multitude of things from craft supplies, scarves and mittens, tools, toys, you name it. Clear ones you can see through are super. Be sure these stay child-proof if there are hazardous items.

7 – Color Coding
If you are A.D.D. (like me), or are just crazy busy, color coding your tools, spices, lists, chores for kids, and file folders are great for quick reference and use.

8 – Purge! Purge! Purge! 
The less you have to “sort” through, the less stress. If you haven’t used something in a year, donate it. If this is hard to do, wait ‘till you have an “angry” moment at something and then go at it for purging. I did that recently in my garage, and got a lot done! Yaay! I set a goal for, say, 10 items or boxes or piles at a time. So much more manageable.

Image credit for “Hooks” image: BHG, Real Simple, The Nest