By Guest Blogger Suzanne Sarfert

Greenbriar Driving Academy owners, Heather and Nathan Bagg, are committed to providing the highest ethical and educational standards for an in-depth driving program. As parents to three children under the age of 16, Nathan and Heather approach their instruction keeping in mind what they want their children to know prior to obtaining a learner’s permit, as well as the positive experience they want their children to have when learning how to drive. From day one, their vision has been to provide excellent driver educational tools, sincere caring instruction and genuine guidance in the process of students becoming safe drivers.

Positively impacting their community was also a goal of Heather and Nathan when they opened Greenbriar Driving Academy. They wanted to serve a diverse population, assisting people through the process of learning how to drive. Since its beginning, Greenbriar Driving Academy has served countless numbers of individuals from Forsyth County and the surrounding communities, producing safe and responsible drivers.


Greenbriar Driving Academy offers Teen Driver’s Education Class (AGES 14.5-18) including the 30-hour classroom instruction & 6 hours of private behind the wheel training; 6 hours behind the wheel private training-transferred paperwork from another driving school to complete Driver’s Education; and private lessons for teens and adults.

Classroom instruction is interactive and differentiated for multiple learning styles. Student participants include typical student learners, students with learning challenges, college students, international students, and adult learners.


Classes focus on the techniques and laws associated with operating a motor vehicle and also delve deeply into the “actions and consequences” of driving. The hands-on approach to learning, whether it is checking fluid levels under the hood of a vehicle, learning the procedures to change a tire, or participating in drunk buster goggle station activities, allows students the opportunity for practical, real-world application.

Guest speakers ranging from state troopers to insurance agents and tractor-trailer drivers enhance the classroom experience. Group research and presentation projects on subjects such as seatbelts; highway driving; distractions; or topics of a student’s choice give students ownership for their learning. Classroom instruction also includes how to buy a car and plan a road trip. Before leaving a class, students share with each other what they have learned, their “exit ticket” for the day.


Unique to Greenbriar Driving Academy is the one to one behind the wheel training, with only the student driver and instructor in the vehicle. The driving instruction is personalized, focusing on individualized goals for improvement behind the wheel. This driving instruction allows the instructors to meet the students where they are in their driving experience. Driver training includes a simulation of the outside steps of DMV preparation for the NC DMV road skills test needed for a driver’s license. The ultimate goal of Greenbriar Driving Academy is to produce respectful, safe and confident drivers.

As a private driving school, Greenbriar Driving Academy works with driving students who have busy schedules. The company provides prompt scheduling and excellent communication with families and students.

Greenbriar Driving Academy is so much more than just Driver’s Ed! It’s a place where people gain a sense of freedom by being able to get somewhere without depending upon someone else. “Helping people gain independence through driving is powerful,” says Heather. Greenbriar Driving Academy is also a place where relationships are built. With an open-door policy, students stay in contact with Heather and Nathan after they have achieved their driving goals. Their hands-on, positive approach to driver education creates safe drivers who are responsible for driving seriously.

Class Dates: 
April 14-18 (9 am -3 pm)
June 1-5 (9 am -3 pm)
June 22-26 (9 am -3 pm)
July 13-17 (9 am -3 pm)
July 27-31 (9:30 am -3:30 pm)
August 3-7 (9 am -3 pm)

Greenbriar Driving Academy
1605 Westbrook Plaza Drive
Suite 403
Winston Salem, NC 27103

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