By Guest Blogger Cameron Farmer with Savers Health

More than 30 million people in the United States are currently without health insurance. More than 10% of people right here in NC are uninsured. Yet, the largest cause of bankruptcy in this country, by far, is unforeseen medical expenses. So, if the high cost of medical services is such a factor in jeopardizing Americans’ financial well-being, why are so many choosing to remain uninsured? Well, there are very common and consistent responses from those individuals when asked.

“Health insurance is too expensive”

“I tried signing up, but it was too confusing”

“I’m healthy and rarely go to the doctor”

I can understand each of those responses. And, if you are trying to evaluate your options on your own, each of those responses may very well feel true. However, the truth is that those are all myths or misperceptions. A licensed health insurance agent can help you evaluate your needs, both financially and from a health perspective, and find a plan that will meet them.  Let’s address each excuse individually.

“It’s too expensive”

Due to the Affordable Care Act, subsidies for health insurance are provided to individuals and families to assist with the cost based on their household income. Four out of five individuals qualify for plans that are $10 or less a month.

“It’s too confusing”

There’s no doubt that the terminology around health insurance can be confusing, if you don’t deal with it on a daily basis.  Licensed agents know the “ins and outs” of these plans and provide their services at no cost to the customer.

“I’m healthy and rarely go to the doctor”

The truth is we never know what tomorrow might bring and as I mentioned earlier, unforeseen medical expenses are the number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States.

So, if you are one of those people that found a reason to be uninsured or if you feel like you have a plan that is not meeting your needs, Savers Health can help you navigate what can seem to be a very overwhelming and complicated world. We have been a provider of health insurance to Triad individuals and families for 30 years.

We’re located in downtown Winston-Salem and have a team of health insurance consultants that can help you and your loved ones navigate the health insurance world. We are all brokers and are contracted with all the major carriers in NC, so we can ensure that you find the plan that best meets your health and financial needs. These are all reputable private health insurance companies that offer a variety of plans with strong benefits.  And, best of all, there is zero cost for our consultation.

Whether you are a young person just getting out on your own, a head of household that needs coverage for their family, or the child of parents approaching Medicare eligibility, we can help you make sense of your options. Visit our website, give us a call at (336) 831-9121, follow us on Facebook, or stop by our offices on 4th Street in Winston-Salem for more information. We make health insurance simple.