By Guest Bloggers Dr. Jessica and Dr. Tiffany with Twin City Health

All moms are rockstars, and we’re thrilled to offer holistic prenatal care at Twin City Health. Caring for moms, dads and their children is one of our absolute favorite things! Watching our team carry sweet babies while their parents are getting adjusted is a common scene around here. We built a family friendly space for adjustments: so little ones feel comfortable and can be their normally wiggly selves. We call it the Lion’s Den!

About Twin City Health

Over the course of our 10 years, we’ve seen hundreds of moms for relief of pain, preparation for labor, overall health, and of course, correcting alignment. Chiropractic care is safe and effective during pregnancy.

We start by walking beside our moms to offer personalized care and attention to their needs. Keeping open communication with the nervous system and body is the simplest way to explain what we do. The goal of the adjustment during pregnancy is to create an optimal position of the pelvis. A chiropractic adjustment can restore balance to your hips and pelvis allowing the baby optimal space through the course of your pregnancy.

We then focus on addressing the pains that come along with growing a human: decreasing pain in the hips and groin, reflux and help decrease swelling. Sciatic pain is the most common pregnancy symptom we treat. We are also certified in Webster’s technique. This specialized technique, specific to prenatal care, can help remove pressure off the sciatic nerve providing relief.

Not all moms experience pain during pregnancy. Some moms will come to remain pain free, bolster their immune system, keep the baby in an optimal position and/or prepare for delivery. Being under chiropractic care can help delivery occur naturally.

Being an office who focuses on the whole body, we want to see moms empowered and healthy with a new baby. As always, find the people who will hear your needs, support you, and cheer you on, this includes your birth team-we’d love to be your people!

*If you have any questions about how chiropractic care might be able to help you either in pregnancy or post-partum click this link to schedule a free discovery call.

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A Little About our Doctors

Dr. Tiffany Bradley
– is passionate to seeing all generations regain their health and quality of life
– can be found being active outside on the weekends, hiking or snowboarding
– enjoys good hot coffee with friends
– thrives hearing great dad jokes

Dr. Jessica Lee
– has been a chiropractor for 10 years and has been at TCH for 8 of them
– loves the outdoors
– likes spending time with her 2 dogs
– enjoys coffee
– likes to spend time upside down trying to hold a handstand
– loves to encourage people and see them reach their health goals

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