By Dr. Cole Kampen, PT, DPT, PHC

Your providers at Triad Pelvic Health Physical Therapy have heard (and seen) it all. In fact, helping folks understand more about sensitive topics like childbirth, sex, and leakage is why many of us got into the field. Are you ready to squirm a little? Read on to hear some of the most often asked questions. (Keep in mind that we offer free phone consultations every day to answer your specific questions and determine if Pelvic Health is the right next step.)

1) “Does this look normal?”
a) There is a wide and healthy variety of “normal” when it comes to the vulva and vagina, whether you’re 6 weeks or 6 years postpartum. In fact, a vulva is as unique as a face! Yes, the vagina can certainly change over time (just like every other part of a healthy body), but that doesn’t mean it is not normal. What matters most is how you feel. If you have pressure or pain “down there,” Triad Pelvic Health can help restore function after delivery.

2) “Just the normal leakage”
a) Last week, during her evaluation visit, the mom of a 9 month old boy explained that she had “just the normal kind of leaking.” [insert dramatic pause…] Just to be clear – any time urine leaves the body on accident, you deserve help. Does it happen often after delivery? Yep. Do you have to skip the jumping day at the gym or leave the playdate because your pants are wet? No. Please don’t let leakage change the shape of your day. Triad Pelvic Health can help restore pelvic floor and bladder function to keep you feeling dry and confident.

3) “Why is my sex drive so low?”
a) Sexual Health is one of our favorite things to address. Literally, we could talk about this all day. [blog length = 700 words..;] Many women who used to look forward to intimate time with their partner now find themselves viewing sex as one more chore, or one more person to take care of. We get it! However, did you know Pelvic Health Therapy could help? Furthermore, we treat folks every day who have painful sex or difficulty with orgasms. Our trauma-informed therapists have special training in sexual health and can make addressing this important topic comfortable and empowering. If your relationship or personal life is suffering because your sexual health has changed over time, don’t wait. The sooner you get help, the easier it is to address and heal.

4) “How can I prepare my pelvic floor for delivery?”
a) “My first birth didn’t go as planned, and I couldn’t figure out how to push. I’d like to avoid tearing with my next baby.” We adore teaching women and couples all about their core and pelvic floor during pregnancy and in preparation for delivery (vaginal OR Cesarean)! We are the pros at teaching you exactly how to push effectively and to reduce the risk of prolapse and significant tearing. Lastly, we test your pelvic floor in a variety of positions to make sure you feel confident that you are “doing it right.” Women are no longer only coming to Triad Pelvic Health because things are going wrong. But they want to ensure that things go right! This is THE BEST. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

BONUS: All of our pregnant patients also receive our Postnatal Recovery Guide. We offer a 2-week postpartum telehealth visit to debrief on the delivery and begin a customized core and floor recovery program.

5) “Is it normal to poop once or twice a week?”
a) In short, no. Nevertheless, because bowel function can be as complex as a game of chess, you deserve a more detailed answer than “try taking more Miralax.” Ideally, the body will fully eliminate daily, without pain or straining (think soft banana!). Bowel function intimately relates to the pelvic floor, bladder, stress, and hip position. Who knew? Yet another topic we could discuss all day!

Even though these sensitive conversations aren’t often invited, your team at Triad Pelvic Health is here to help! Call today to schedule a free phone consultation with one of our Pelvic Health Specialists. 336-443-0202

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