For the majority of us, we don’t think much about food allergies until it comes time to take snacks into school, have a new friend of your child’s spend the night, or plan a birthday party. But for the Fielders family, food allergies are something that are interwoven into every activity of every day.

Parents of children with food allergies often feel like they are fighting an uphill battle when they try to explain to others that this isn’t just a case of a child being picky or maybe needing to adjust their food once in a while. It is often a life or death situation that we all need to take very very seriously.

Last year, mom Suzy Fielders guest blogged for us and told us this story about her daughter Sarah and the results of an allergic reaction. Sarah was only four years old at the time and the instance was extremely scary for both she and her mom.

Today we thought it would be interesting to get a different point of view on food allergies – that of a child who lives with them day in and day out. We asked Sarah the questions below and have shared her answers.

-How did it make you feel to go to the hospital for your food allergies?
“I was scared and sad.”

-What did you learn from that experience?

“You can’t get near nuts. Even if someone told you to eat them don’t eat them and always carry an Epi Pen and medicine!”

– How does your mom help you deal with your allergies?
“She gives me an Epi Pen, she makes sure I don’t eat nuts, she makes sure they are not around me, she taught me how to read the words nut and peanut”

– When you are at school, is there anything special you have to do because if your allergies?
“Yes every day at lunch I have to sit at the no nuts table. I have a special froggy bag that holds my Epi Pen and I take it everywhere I go!”

– When you are at school, do you feel like your food allergies make you different from the other kids?
“Yes some kids don’t have food allergies and it makes me wonder if mine will ever go away”

– How do you think we can teach other kids to be more understanding about food allergies?
“You can tell them how you feel about them and tell them you are allergic to peanuts, or whatever you are allergic to. For example if a kid brought peanuts to the no nuts table you could tell them it’s the no nuts table and ask them to please move somewhere else”

– Do you ever get nervous to go to parties, or other after-school events because of your allergies?
“Yes when I first go to places I get nervous, like my after school care, but now that they know I don’t worry”

– What do you do to keep yourself safe from the foods that you are allergic to?
“If someone is near me with peanuts I just move away”

– What are some things that make you proud of yourself?
“I’m good at art, singing and dancing. I’m proud of myself because I learn a lot at school”

We encourage all parents to talk to their children about the severity of food allergies so that they will be able to support their friends and other children who many have allergies. Visit our Health Category for more blogs on allergies from local moms as well as doctors.