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Expectant moms often underestimate the soreness and swelling that accompanies pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Luckily, this discomfort can be managed with the help of maternity compression items that are available through insurance!

Why More Moms Are Using Maternity Compression

Maternity compression garments are the new supportive best friend that continuously provide relief for expectant and new moms. There are a few different types of garments, and each can be useful at different points throughout the pregnancy journey.

  • Compression Socks – Can be worn from three to nine months during pregnancy, and during the postpartum period.
  • Maternity Support Bands – Can be worn from three to nine months during pregnancy.
  • Postpartum Recovery Garments – Recommended for one week through four months of the postpartum period.

Each of these items are made of soft fabric to comfortably provide strength and support where your body needs it most. Unlike shapewear, maternity compression garments are medical devices designed to help reduce pain and enhance recovery. Each garment offers unique benefits:

Maternity Compression Socks

Maternity compression socks are made of soft elastic materials that gradually increase pressure from the knees to the ankles to gently provide compression that help your blood vessels function. The soft squeezing enables the blood vessels in the legs to pump blood to the rest of the body and helps reduce swelling, relieve aches, and prevent pain.

By improving circulation, most mothers find that compression socks provide pain relief and comfort while maintaining a busy schedule or spending long hours on their feet. They can also increase comfort while working out.

Compression socks are designed to be a little tight, but they should not hurt. Be sure to review the sizing chart carefully to find the best fit for your body.

Maternity Compression Sock Benefits:

  • Designed to expand with you during your pregnancy. One size is all you need.
  • Promotes blood circulation to prevent pain and swelling.
  • Minimizes the risk of varicose veins.

Maternity Support Bands

Maternity support bands are made of soft breathable fabric that wraps around the waist to provide targeted relief for the core as a pregnant belly expands. This reduces pressure and stress from the hips, pelvis, lower back, and abdomen.

As babies grow, their extra weight is taken on by the core, making it common for expectant moms to struggle with lower back pain. Plus, as the hips and ligaments loosen to prepare for giving birth, more pressure is placed on the pelvic muscles and joints which may cause sacroiliac (SI) joint pain or round ligament pain. In fact, 45% of pregnant women are prone to back pain.

Maternity belts have adjustable velcro straps for the perfect fit that gently cradles the womb to disperse a growing infant’s weight across the abdomen and back for pain relief and extra stability. This gentle compression can help provide the necessary support to maintain daily routines and participate in prenatal exercise. They can also prevent the lower back from becoming extended and correct posture as core muscles take on the weight of a growing baby.

Maternity Support Band Benefits:

  • Designed to support the body’s core and help disperse the extra weight of a growing baby.
  • Can help reduce sciatica and other lower back pain
  • Relieves pressure that may attribute to pregnancy related discomfort.

Postpartum Recovery Garments

Postpartum recovery garments are specifically designed to assist moms with healing after giving birth. There are two options for postpartum moms, each tailored for either C-section or natural delivery, with adjustable support panels that provide targeted healing.

These garments  provide stabilization and gentle compression to the glutes, pelvis, hips, back, and stomach to alleviate pain, reduce selling, reduce postpartum bleeding, and more. They also assist help to facilitate a faster recovery.

Postpartum Recovery Garment Benefits:

  • Speeds up postpartum recovery
  • Improves mobility and stability
  • Reduces C-section scar pain
  • Relieves swelling, soreness, and bleeding.

Maternity Compression Through Insurance

Maternity compression garments are considered to be medically necessary devices for expectant and new moms, which is why a majority of insurance plans will cover them at little to no cost. Plus, the process is easy:

  1. Submit your contact and insurance information
  2. Your information will be verified and you’ll be contacted with your options.
  3. Your maternity compression garments will be shipped directly to your home.