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In today’s Friday Finds you’ll find options for fun and local resources:

  • Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters
  • Twisted Pine Opening
  • Dewey’s Dewzy Bar
  • State Line Celebration at Carowinds
  • Kaplan Early Learning Company Model Call


Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters

food optionsIf “no dessert until you finish your vegetables” is a common phrase in your household, you might have a picky eater on your hands. While some kids look forward to mealtime, others may not touch their food unless it’s a salty snack. To help parents of picky eaters, Dr. Joey Skelton, pediatric obesity medicine specialist with Brenner FIT® at Brenner Children’s Hospital, and Dr. Shelley Houston, Atrium Health Levine Children’s pediatrician, offer advice for getting kids onto a healthy and more adventurous diet.

Here are two of their suggestions:

  • Start early. The sooner you introduce brightly colored food options and textures, the sooner your child can begin building a healthy palette.
  • Creating a routine can help with picky eating habits. Try sitting down with your child at the same mealtimes each day.

For more healthy eating tips from Dr. Skelton and Houston, read the full article here.


Twisted Pine Set To Open This Summer in Downtown Winston-Salem

new twisted pine options Downtown Winston-Salem will be getting a new restaurant this summer! Twisted Pine will open a restaurant-front this summer. It is located on Liberty Street where Crafted used to be. They will offer dinner only to start, but plan to offer lunch soon as well. Currently, Twisted Pine offers catering only options, but they are looking forward to opening this new location for diners to enjoy their food in-person! The menu includes tacos and smash burgers!

Be sure to like their Facebook Page for details on their grand opening!


Dewey’s Dewzy Bar

sundae optionsDewey’s Bakery is thrilled to introduce its newest concept – Dewey’s Dewzy Bar! Dewey’s Dewzy Bar combines the cake, cookies and ice cream that have made Dewey’s Bakery a beloved part of our community for nearly a century and presents it in a unique new way. Each Dewzy is filled with ingredients baked and churned fresh in-store throughout the day.

Guests can choose from the menu options of delicious Dewzies or create their own! You can also build a cookie sandwich with fresh baked cookies filled with ice cream or icing and your choice of filling. Visit the new store in any day between 12pm-8pm in Friendly Center!


All New State Line Celebration at Carowinds

carowindsCarowinds will showcase some of the best food, music, and fun from the Carolinas during State Line Celebration. The limited-time event, which will run on select dates through Sunday, May 8, capitalizes on Carowinds’ unique distinction as the nation’s only amusement park straddling two states. Carowinds’ State Line Celebration will feature the Carolinas’ best food in a Southern food festival, complete with live music and fun activities from around North Carolina and South Carolina.

Learn more here, and check out Carowinds on social media: Facebook:, Instagram:, Twitter:


Kaplan Early Learning Company Model Call

kaplan optionsWould you like your child to be featured in a Kaplan Early Learning Company catalog?

Kaplan Early Learning Company is inviting all children ages 6 months to 4 years, (but *cannot turn 5 years old before December 31, 2022) to a Model Call taking place May 4th through May 6th.

For more than 50 years, Kaplan Early Learning Company is about champion for play. Kaplan’s products and services inspire a lifelong love of learning in children and educators. They encourage the eager and inspire the inspirers. Together, Kaplan transforms lives through play.

To learn more about becoming a Kaplan model, please click here.

To sign up for the model call, please click here for date & time options.

Instagram: @kaplanco


Today’s Friday Finds is sponsored by Brenner Children’s, Twisted Pine, Dewey’s Bakery, Carowinds, and Kaplan Early Learning Company.

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