By TMoM Team Member Rachel Hoeing

HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY! In case you missed our “ode to moms” yesterday, check it outhere. We hope you all have a wonderful day where you are able to count being a mom as one of your most wonderful blessings.
In today’s spotlight:
~Transitional Kindergarten at New Garden Friends School
~Cooking Classes at SoHo

Transitional Kindergarten at New Garden Friends School

Imagine a classroom with fewer desks and more learning! This program at New Garden Friends School provides the “gift of time” for younger students to engage in a rich, early educational experience. An important component of learning at this age is play. In our busy world, finding time for young children to play can be difficult; at New Garden Friends, school it is a priority. The research is plentiful and compelling: Unstructured playtime allows children to create and explore worlds they can master. Play helps provide a balance to a child’s day in which academic, social, and emotional growth can occur simultaneously. As children master their imagined worlds, they develop new competencies that lead to enhanced confidence and resiliency. During indoor “choice time,” teachers create similar opportunities by providing materials and structure in an unhurried setting. To learn more about Transitional Kindergarten as well as all Preschool through 12th grade, visit or email

What’s cooking at SoHo?

Learn how to cook or perfect your technique in a hands-on, fun environment with professional chefs and equipment at Southern Home and Kitchen. They partner with local caterers, bakers, and chefs to create an intimate and unique experience that cannot be beat! Participants will receive copies of all recipes for that class, and they will have the opportunity to cook and eat what they make. Complimentary wine is available with the dinner classes, and all participants will receive 10% off any purchases made in the store that day. Please visit the website at for a full list of classes, new ones are being added daily!  Southern Home and Kitchen is located in Thruway Center in Winston-Salem.

Sponsored by NGFS and SoHo