“Wrinkles are hereditary. Parents get them from their children.” ~ Doris Day

I have crow’s feet. It’s not like they just appeared – they’ve been slowly coming out over the years. But recently they seem to be digging in deep as if telling me they plan on sticking around for a while.  I know I’m no spring chicken and wrinkles are inevitable, but I’d like to think these creases came about because I’m always smiling and laughing and not wearing my sunglasses enough. Whatever the reason for these little beauty suckers, I’m on a mission to buff them out for good.

So the other day I ventured out to pick up some over-the-counter wrinkle cream thinking it will be a quick trip. Wrong! The selection is overwhelming to say the least. How does one ever decide which product works best?

Of course I did not do any preliminary research before I went shopping for my wrinkle cream. I had a price point in mind and was determined to find the best product in that price range. That strategy doesn’t work. Not only are there a million different products in a million different price ranges, but they also come in a gazillion different sizes with a gazillion different promises. I found creams packaged in 1.0 fluid ounce bottles that cost the same as similar creams packaged in 0.5  fluid ounce bottles – and some of these creams were made by the same brand and promised to do the exact same thing!

And then I started second-guessing myself. Do I want a night cream or a day cream? Do I want to focus on just my crow’s feet or should I get an all-over cream for my face? Do I want a cleanser or a moisturizer? Do I want one that works rapidly, or slowly over time? Should I get one that includes help for blemishes, age spots, and promises toning and firming? Do I need to worry about microdermabrasion? And what the heck is the difference between a cream and a serum?

I finally settled on Neutrogena’s “Rapid Wrinkle Repair” nighttime moisturizer. It promised visible results in one week. It’s been 10 days. I’m still waiting on those results.

I’ll stick with this bottle until I’m done, but I’ve since done some research and plan to talk to my dermatologist to find out what she recommends too. In the meantime, I found this web sites that offer helpful information and product recommendations:

A Guide to Younger Looking Skin

What about you? Have you found the perfect age-defying wrinkle cream? What works best in your opinion? Do share your beauty secrets with us!