If you have a baby or are expecting one soon, you will definitely want to take note of today’s blog!  And if you are way past the baby stage, we have some great baby gift ideas below!

I asked our readers for their favorite baby products on the market right now.  Thank you to all of you who submitted your faves!  A few of these are new and some are classics that you claimed you cannot live without.  Click on the name of each product to visit the corresponding website.  If you have a favorite baby product, please share it in our comment section below!

Boon Gnaw Teething Tether –  It grabs onto biscuits, toys or a toothbrush using the concept of the old Chinese finger toy where the netting may be pushed in then grabs on when pulled. It is great to use for biter biscuits, so the baby won’t choke on or lose them.  Also a great way to keep things off the floor and germ-free.

Boon Squirt – This spoon is great for the child that just can’t be fed quickly enough because you hardly have to take it out of their mouth to refill the spoon!  You simply fill the handle of the spoon with the baby food and then squeeze it to dispense onto the spoon itself.  It is perfect for the mom who is trying to do two things at once because one hand is free!  It also eliminates having to bring baby food jars when on the go.  Simply fill the spoon before you leave the house and pop on the cap!


MamaRoo swing – Straight off the Jetsons, this reclining nest simulates the motions we moms make when cuddling our babies. Rather than a frame above, the seat rests on a pedestal that gives a choice of five different motions for your baby. It also has a sound machine as well as an Mp3 connection to run through its speakers. One of our readers says she found the best deal at Bed, Bath, & Beyond with her 20% off coupon!





Go-pod  – An on the go exo-saucer! You attach your own toys, but it goes everywhere. (Definitely beats trying to fit that huge saucer into the van for vacations!) Great for weekend getaways or a trip to Grandma’s house, too.  One of our readers claims that she loves to use this for her baby while she is working out at home and is super excited to be able to use it poolside this summer so she can lend a hand and help her older two children who will be in the pool.





The Nap Nanny – This is an infant recliner that is easy to move around the house, take on trips and pretty much use anywhere.  It is safe for your baby whether he is asleep or awake.  The shape is somewhat similar to a car seat, which we all know most babies sleep so soundly while in those!  Again, this is a great alternative to use one of these while you are right beside your baby enjoying a workout!   Some of the patterns and styles are extra soft and cozy.  You can also read about the new Nap Nanny Chill on the link above.



Swaddle pod – Most babies love to be swaddled!  You can read Shannon’s blog here to see how well it worked for her son.  This product gives your baby a sense of comfort and can help him sleep longer.  His arms will not flail about, which often causes a baby to wake himself up.  Don’t worry, they are not mummified!  They do still have ample room to move about while in the swaddle pod.  There is also a zipper so that you can change a diaper without “unswaddling” your baby!



Baby bottle Orbit labels – If you have your child in day care, these are a must!  These specific labels by Orbit are non-adhesive, reusable and dishwasher and microwave safe.  The name will not wash away like the “permanent” markers sometimes do. It is also a great alternative to the stickers which peel off as soon as you wash a bottle, as many of us found out the hard way.  These are an excellent baby shower idea and are also a great gift for a toddler, as the labels fit around snack packs and sippy cups!



PackIt – Instead of trying to use a cooler with an icepack, this bag IS your icepack.   This is a fabulous way to tote breast milk along or send it to day care.  Milk will stay cold for up to 10 hours. It also folds up for easy storage.  Also, if you visit the link above there is special pricing right now on the bags!





Fisher Price Newborn Rock Sleeper
– One of our readers had a raving review for this one.  She loves to take it on trips and says it is light weight, folds up, is easy to move around the house, has a basic design, and does not use any batteries. She also said that if you have a baby with reflux, it would be a very good thing to have as it keeps the baby slightly inclined. She also loves to use it at dinner time because the baby gets to sit with the family while they eat (with both hands) and the baby is happy b/c she’s there and can see them. It would also be handy if you needed to drop the baby off with friends/family for a few hours to run errands.

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