By Katie Moosbrugger

We’re only one month into the summer, but we thought it would be a good time to showcase all the summer idea lists we have on our site, plus ones we’ve recently added. From a Summer Bucket list to Splash Parks and Parents’ Night Out options, today’s blog has you covered for planning the best summer ever this year!

Below are recaps of all our summer-related resource directories. At the end of each blurb is a link to view the directory in its entirety. Happy summer!

Sandbox toys at the beach under blue sky

Summer 2016: Family Bucket List

As I scroll through Facebook, I constantly see questions such as, “Where is a good place to take my three-year-old for the day?” or “What is a good activity we can do as a family with teenagers?” or “Anyone know of fun day trips we can take?” After running this local website for six years now, I have so many suggestions and answers for these questions that I don’t even know where to begin! I decided to compile a “bucket list” that you can bookmark on your phone or computer and use it throughout the summer to explore and discover new venues throughout the Triad area and beyond! Click HERE to read the full article!


movies2016 Kids Summer Movie Programs

When your family needs a break from the sun, sand and water, a summertime movie is an excellent choice! Local Triad theaters are offering weekly programs for kids that range from free admission to $5 (some include snacks). You can click on the name of each theater below to visit the website and see updated listings, or use the image of each schedule provided. Click HERE to read the full article!


KV Pool 500x300Where to Find Splash Parks & Water Slides

You asked, and we answered! Some members of our TMoM Community Chat inquired about local splash parks, and we thought the timing couldn’t be more perfect to compile a comprehensive list of water parks in our area and nearby. The water parks listed below are grouped by Triad cities. I’ve also included a list of parks that are a short drive away. As always, it’s smart to check the park’s web site or call them to confirm the park is operational the day you go. Click HERE to read the full article!


camps2016 Summer Camp Directory

Summer Camp registration is already underway! We have updated our list from last year and hope it will help you find just what you and your children may be looking for this summer. Last year we added ages for each camp listing. This will help you quickly determine which camps are age-appropriate for your child instead of trying to do that research yourself. We also realize that many moms who work outside the home may need to find full-time camps this summer. We have noted “full-time options” next to each camp who has a pick-up time of 5pm or later. Click HERE to read the full article!


VBS2016 VBS Directory

The Triad offers an abundance of Vacation Bible Schools every summer, and today we share an updated list of all these choices! Similar to our 2016 Summer Camp Directory, we revised this directory by adding the age ranges next to each listing, PLUS we listed Vacation Bible Schools by date. Hopefully, this will help you quickly determine which camps are age-appropriate for your child, while also working with your busy summer schedule. Click HERE to read the full article!


parksFavorite Parks of the Triad

One of the many wonderful things about raising a family in the Triad is all the parks available to us! We asked our readers for their favorite parks and compiled a list below which is divided by city. It’s our hope you’ll discover new places to take your family – whether it’s right down the road or on the other side of the Triad. Click HERE to read the full article!


pools-735x400Favorite Swim Clubs & Pools Directory 2016

Is your family signed up for a pool this summer? Now is the time to mail in those membership dues which is why we are sharing our directory of Favorite Swim Clubs & Pools today. Many of the listings below are favorite venues sent in by our readers & our TMoM team. Click HERE to read the full article!


beachesFavorite Family Beaches

Hooray for Summertime! Many of you may be in the midst of planning summer vacations. Why not try something different this year? Take the advice of other local moms and give their favorite destinations a shot. We asked our readers for their favorite beaches along the east coast and came up with the following list. Click HERE to read the full article!


day-tripsSummertime Day Trips

In case you are new to TMoM, you may not realize that we have an entire category on our website dedicated to Day Trips. These are destinations that are less than a few hours drive from most Triad areas. Our goal is to give you a great retreat by spending a day away from home and exploring new things. You can visit our Day Trip category HERE. In addition, I have compiled a quick alphabetical reference for you in the following list. Click HERE to read the full article!


teentweenideasActivities to Help You Connect with your Teen/Tween

The teen and tween years can be tough for so many different reasons. One of the most difficult parts is figuring out how to communicate with your child at this age. If you can connect with them while participating in activities, chances are that the lines of communication can open up a little easier. Plus, you both may thoroughly enjoy yourselves! Click HERE to read the full article!


helpinghandIdeas for Volunteering & Giving

We often get emails and messages from our readers asking for ways to get involved in the community. There are so many ways to give your time to others. We have compiled a directory below of non-profits in the area that could use your help. Our hope is that you will choose one that is near and dear to your heart and get involved! Click HERE to read the full article!


childcareSummer Child Care Options for Working Moms

For working moms, finding child care in the summer months can be a daunting task. Some mothers have found it easiest to break up the summer into weeks and use different child care each week to keep things exciting. (But keep in mind that you may need to pay a registration fee for each option.) Others like to choose one option for the entire summer. Click HERE to read the full article!


pnoParents’ Night Out Options in the Triad

I’m sure every parent will agree they can use a few hours off now and then. Instead of worrying about finding a baby sitter though, try sending your little ones to one of these many well-known, well-established and fun local organization that offer Parents’ Night Out (‘PNO’) options. Many offer a variety of activities for the kids and it will also give your child an opportunity to make new friends if it’s a place they have never been before. Click HERE to read the full article!


datesDate Night Ideas

We have plenty of directories to benefit our kids, but we need more lists that directly benefit you! One of our loyal readers requested a list of fun date ideas for parents in the Triad. I have listed some categories below with favorite spots from the TMoM team. I listed conventional “dinner and movie” spots, but tried to find some unique ideas as well. I also included a few recommendations from our readers, so thanks to those of you who sent in your ideas! Be sure to plan activities for dates during daytime hours as well. (Babysitters usually cost the same no matter when you use them!). Click HERE to read the full article!


kefKids Eat Free & Almost Free Directory

We have updated our Kids Eat Free (and almost free) Directory once again.  Thank you to our readers who have emailed us when you notice a restaurant has changed their “Kids Eat Free & Almost Free” options. Click HERE to read the full article!