Sponsored by Wet ‘N Wild Emerald Pointe

If you have not yet been to Wet ‘N Wild Emerald Pointe, both you and your kids are missing out!

Summer is just not complete unless my family has visited this waterpark at least once. You will feel like you are on a vacation miles away with no cares in the world. There is enough excitement to last all day long here! And the best part – it is located just south of Greensboro, off Business 85 at Holden Road.

I hope today’s post will give you some tips and helpful hints for visiting the park. If you have been to the park before, I would love for you to share your tips as well.  My family has been here most every summer since my children were tiny, and although certain rides have height restrictions, we have never been at a loss for excitement!

Upon arrival, we have always rented a locker. This way, we can bring a camera, money, etc but not have to worry about keeping up with those items the entire time we are in the park. If you have tiny ones who will spend most of their time in the Happy Harbor area, you may feel comfortable just leaving your belongings along the side of the pool on one of the many lounge chairs available, but remember that the park is not responsible for any lost or stolen items, so leave them at your own risk! Once you have been to the park a few times, you may be able to visit by just bringing yourself and a towel!

Outside food and drinks are not permitted in the park, but unopened water bottles are an exception, so we usually bring those along to save a little cash. There are plenty of cafes and eateries in the park, so for us, it is usually easiest to just plan on eating while you are there. (Plus the soft ice cream is really hard to resist!) Although, if you want to bring a cooler or other picnic items, you are able to leave the park to eat and get a wristband to return. Picnic tables outside of the park are very limited.

Another tip I have is to visit the park with at least two adults. More than likely, you will have children of all different ages and all different levels of “thrill-seeking” with you. If you have two adults, it is much easier to split up when children want to ride something that others do not, or can not, due to height restrictions.

As far as safety goes, you should definitely bring a life jacket for any child that is not able to swim alone. (Other flotation devices are not allowed, so don’t bother to bring any.) A few of the rides require life jackets for children under 48 inches, and do have those available for you to use. Wet ‘N Wild also welcomes guests with disabilities. Guests with special needs may contact Guest Services at 336-852-9721 for information regarding accessibility to rides, attractions, shops and restaurants.

As far as the attractions, there are two areas that are perfect for little ones. Children must be less than 52” tall to play in Happy Harbor and Splash Island, so this makes it a perfect play area for children who may be a little more timid. There are huge shallow swimming pools, as well as a kiddie-sized wave pool, double tube slides, two mini-slides, and other interactive play elements.

Children over 48 inches will have plenty of thrill rides from which to choose. There are also some rides that only require a child to be 40 inches. Your best bet is to check out all of your options on the website here. As I mentioned before, you will not be at a loss for things to do. The large wave pool, Lazee River, and Shipwreck Cove are great spots that the entire family can enjoy.

I am a bit of a wuss, so I honestly enjoy watching my husband and kids do some of the trill rides. You can see many of them just by standing along the sides. One of my favorites that we watched for what seemed like an eternity was The Edge, which looked a lot like a skateboarder’s ramp. It was amusing to watch every one’s faces on this one!

I could go on and on about all the fun at Wet ‘N Wild, but hopefully you will just take my word for it and make a day of it! Please leave any questions or comments below.

You can learn more about Wet ‘N Wild by visiting their website, Facebook Page, and Twitter account.