By Guest Blogger Nicole Ducouer

Finally! Spring is here. I am getting outside and beginning to feel energized again! I decided to freshen up my look after spending a year in workout clothes. (Don’t get it twisted, I would love to say I Peloton-ed my way into 2021, but I just didn’t. I was all about comfort.)

So, I started with the only part of my face that isn’t covered with a mask—my eyes. Amy Brandon, optician and manager at Twenty200 Eyewear, was SO amazing at helping me pick out several looks. She helped me understand the important stuff I would have never even thought about – not just how they look, but how my new glasses would improve my vision.

Lifestyle: I’m near sighted, so basically trees look like giant green cotton balls without glasses. Plus, I’m in front of a computer most days, outside with my boys a lot and I’m hitting the big 4-0 this year (hold the applause for mimosas). This meant anti-glare coating, Transitions® and progressive lenses were all great options for me.

Fashion: Amy considered my face shape, eye color and hair color so that I looked my best. I also decided to treat myself to mirrored lenses that are an amazing enhancement to my new prescription sunglasses. Amy considered my style when choosing frames.

Vision: Function and fashion are important, but obviously you need to see! Amy took quick measurements of my eyes. It is so important that your pupil lines up with the center of your lens. My glasses slide down my nose, which means I end up looking over the top of my glasses at people like my grandma used to, so Amy made sure they were adjusted perfectly.

By the end of my visit to Twenty200 Eyewear, I picked two pairs of RayBan® glasses – one ophthalmic pair for every day, and one pair of prescription sunglasses. I felt refreshed!

I also felt great about what I was buying because every purchase helps provide jobs for people who are blind. My day job is Senior Director of Corporate Communications at IFB Solutions, and Twenty200 is one of their brands that allows our community to shop local and make a direct impact to the mission.

Sometimes an upgrade to your accessories can make you feel alive again! I can’t say I’m ready for skinny jeans just yet. Baby steps.


Twenty200 Eyewear is located at 631 Coliseum Drive, Suite 101, in Winston-Salem, NC. Learn more at and follow along on Facebook and Instagram. Eye exams are available next door at Wise Eyes Family Eye Care.

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