By Guest Blogger Becky Hale CD(DONA), Co-Owner, Piedmont Doulas

Maybe you’ve heard of a birth or postpartum doula, but aren’t quite sure what it is that they do,or how they can benefit you.  Or, maybe you’ve never heard the word doula and have no idea what it means!  Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

I want an epidural.  I also want a doula.  Will you still be my doula if i choose an epidural? 

Ummmmm, OF COURSE!  There’s this myth that floats around doula town that doulas are only for those seeking an unmedicated or natural childbirth, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  At Piedmont Doulas, we firmly believe every type of birth benefits from doula support.  We have years of experience with all types of births, including medicated, unmedicated, water birth, epidurals, twins, natural births, inductions, cesarean births…your choices in birth are exactly that;  YOURS!  We pride ourselves on providing nonjudgmental support, and we are passionate about serving all types of families and all types of births.

Will a doula replace my partner?

No way!  A doula will only enhance that special relationship between you and your birth partner, never replace them.  We are familiar with birth and labor support, and your partner is familiar with you.  Together, we make a great team!  We help your partner help you during birth.  We also doula for partners.  They can take breaks, eat, sleep, visit relatives in the waiting room, all while knowing you are being supported and cared for.  We are happy to grab them coffee, food, and even give them a back rub.  Also, partners love it when we tell them we will handle catching the vomit that often comes along with labor.  We often hear “you’re hired!” after explaining that.

What makes doula care unique?

At Piedmont Doulas, we are devoted to one on one care for our clients.  During birth, your nurses may come and go, have other patients, and other responsibilities.  They cannot be with you throughout labor, even though many want to.  Your physician will come and go as well.  Your doula is devoted only to you, providing a high quality of emotional, informational and physical birth support.  Many people report feeling much higher satisfaction with their birth experiences, because they utilized the individual support of a doula.

What does a doula do during a birth?

The answers are varied!  Sometimes we are suggesting position changes for comfort, massaging, providing counter pressure to your back and hips, helping you get in the shower or birth pool, and providing massage while you relax in the water.  Sometimes we are laughing with you, helping to distract you.  Often we are reassuring you, that you can do it, that this is normal, or if something isn’t going quite right, that the medical staff are taking care of it.  We assist with breathing techniques, to help you feel calm.  We are getting you water, popsicles, extra pillows, blankets, coffee for your birth partner, or reassuring your family in the waiting room that the baby will be here soon.  We help your partner help you, teaching them comfort techniques to use.  We are truly devoted to you and your partner during this experience.  Check out what some of our clients have said about our support during birth HERE.

Can you tell us what we should do?

No.  We never want to tell you what you should do during your birth.  We encourage you to talk to your care providers with any medical questions or concerns you have, as medical advice or doing any medical tasks is out of scope for a doula.

What does a postpartum doula do?

We are glad you asked!  Piedmont Doulas loves to provide postpartum support!  We work alongside you in your home, after your birth.  We provide you with light housekeeping, newborn education, (bathing, swaddling, diapering, nursery organization), provide education about safe sleep, help wash bottles or breast pump parts, assist with breastfeeding (or help you find a certified lactation consultant if needed), cook small meals, and we will even do all the laundry!  And the best thing-we provide you with sleep and rest!  Let us take care of your baby while you shower, relax with a cup of coffee, or take a long, well deserved nap.  We would love to be a part of your postpartum village.  Check out our blog post about “A Day In Your Life With A Postpartum Doula” HERE.

I’ve heard about postpartum doula overnight care?  Is it as awesome as it sounds?

In a word, yes.  Let us handle the nighttime wakings, feedings, cries, burpings, diapers and snuggles while you and your partner get a solid night of sleep.  Overnight care is one of our most popular services.  Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, we are able to provide this service to you.  We’ll even do the laundry and clean the kitchen while you sleep.  Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

Can we give Piedmont Doula’s birth doula or postpartum doula services as a gift?

You bet!  We can show you how to put us on your registry, or simply have you friends and family call, we will take care of the rest.

b7What area do you serve?  What else do you do?

We serve the Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Statesville and Concord areas of North Carolina.  We also provide fun and engaging one day condensed childbirth classes, comfort measures for labor workshops, baby care workshops, and even grandparenting classes.  We are happy to provide private childbirth education in the comfort of your own home, designed just for you.  You can see our current lists of classes and workshops HERE.

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