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In today’s Sunday Spotlight:

~ Taylor Physical Therapy and Wellness: Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Myths
~ Indoor Winter Sports with Triad Sports Management
~ Win a $125+ Prize Pack from The Boho Depot
~ Winner of the Greensboro YMCA Gift Card


Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Myths

If you think you know what pelvic floor physical therapy is, think again! The experts at Taylor Physical Therapy and Wellness weigh in to dispel some commonly held myths.

It is much more than simply “doing kegels;” in fact, to treat the pelvic floor they look at the entire body including your neck, breathing and movement patterns. Other common myths are that women need a referral or have severe symptoms to be seen by a pelvic health provider. The providers at Taylor Physical Therapy and Wellness are doctor level trained professionals and perform their own assessments and treatments, no referral needed!

Finally and most importantly, women often think they don’t need pelvic floor therapy. PSA ladies: if you have a vagina you can benefit from having at minimum a consultation. Pain, leaking, pressure, or other concerns can be common but not normal! Call today to see how they can help you and your pelvic floor live your best life!
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Indoor Winter Soccer with Triad Sports Management

Come join Triad Sports Management for Indoor soccer this winter at Rise Indoor Sports and at Proehlific Park! Registration now open!

Indoor Open Leagues

~ Ages 7/8U, 9/10U, 11/12U, 13/14U, JV, Varsity
~ Girls and boys divisions for each age group
~ Gold and Silver Divisions (if enough teams)

~ The week of November 29-the week of January 17
~ Additional information about the league and registration can be found HERE.

Indoor Soccer Training/Game Combo

~ Recreational training/game combo sessions
~ Ages 5/6U, 7/8U, 9,10U, 11/12U
~ Girls and boys will train/play separate unless we have to combine groups due to low numbers

~ The week of January 31- the week of March 7
~ Additional information about the training/game combo can be found HERE.

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Win a $125+ Prize Pack from The Boho Depot

The Boho Depot provides a unique experience to their customers by offering a curated selection of bohemian goods from across the globe. Their purpose is to encourage shoppers to ‘Ignite Their Wild’ and harness their most authentic selves. With so many unique pieces, their hope is that everyone can find something that speaks to their soul at The Boho Depot. Click HERE to enter the giveaway. One lucky winner will be announced on October 24!


Guess Who Won our Last Giveaway?

That would be Meredith Howell! Congrats, Meredith on winning a $125 gift card to the Greensboro YMCA! Please check your email for a message from TMoM on how to claim this prize. Enjoy!

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