By TMoM Team Member Anna Keller

“Thank goodness this stay-at-home time is happening in the spring.”

I keep repeating that to myself, because the idea of being stuck at home alllll the time during the winter months – when it’s not only cold but also gets dark so early – makes me cringe. There’s a lot that’s challenging about this time, but at least we have sunshine!

With that in mind, we wanted to put together a list of some things families can do together to enjoy the spring weather – and to keep moving (which we know helps everyone feel their best)!

For Families With Younger Kids:

  • Have a dance party in the backyard! Bring music (you can just use your phone or computer for it, or set up a speaker if you have one on hand) and see where it takes you…
  • Introduce playground games from your childhood, like hopscotch, red light/green light, and four square. Click here for ideas and instructions on how to play some of these old-school games!
  • Have fun with water! On especially warm days, set up a sprinkler. The whole family can have fun jumping through it to keep moving without breaking a sweat. Step it up a notch if you have a tarp to make a slip n’ slide, too!
  • Plant and tend to a garden. This is something that will need ongoing maintenance, so the family can work on it together every few days. Pulling weeds is an especially great way to get some movement in while also keeping your garden healthy! Read our recent blog here with tips on gardening with kids.
  • Fly a kite. Our 3-year-old has LOVED this activity this spring!


For Families With Older Kids:

  • Have a water balloon fight. Stay cool on especially warm days and keep everyone on their toes as you try to escape each other’s throws!
  • Enjoy a family bike ride. This can happen in your neighborhood, or maybe you drive or (safely!) bike to another area with a little more space or for a change of scenery. Use our directory here to find bike trails all over the Triad. Don’t forget the helmets!
  • Play a round of disc golf. Find a course location near you here and read our recent blog here.
  • Pull out the jump ropes and hula hoops and get some contests going.


For Families With Kids of Any Age:

  • Kick a soccer ball around. You can step it up a notch by setting up equipment (either actual soccer equipment or getting creative with other elements you have on hand) to practice drills in a fun way. For example, put down some shoes in a row, spaced apart a bit, and dribble around them, weaving in and out.
  • Go on a hike. While a walk around the neighborhood is great, it can also get old. Get out into nature a bit more and enjoy the experience together! Use our directory here to find trails and parks all over the Triad.


What are some other outdoor activities you and your family have been enjoying lately?

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