By TMoM Team Member, Ashley Quinn Kibby

Absorb, Build, and Create! The ABCs of Preschool Toys

It’s that time of year again when we try to separate the gems from the junk, the meaningful from the mind-numbing, and the long-lasting from the one-hit wonders. That’s right, I’m talking toys! If you haven’t completed your holiday shopping or are still looking for that perfect gift, check out these favorites from parents of preschool age kids! (Amazon links are provided for reference, but please try to support your local businesses!)

Let’s start with the basics — great books and learning experiences for little minds to absorb.

An adorable story about a lost stickman who gets found by Santa; also an animated film you can watch on AmazonPrime!

Cute illustrations and storytelling that helps toddler age and older identify and share feelings.

No child’s library is complete without this book about unconditional love and kindness.

Comes with a year’s subscription to over 20,000 learning apps, games, and books, with parental controls to tailor your child’s experience.

Now for those busy hands and active minds — these building sets are guaranteed to keep them occupied!

From 2-D to 3-D, the creations will grow with your child and are guaranteed to occupy them for extended periods of time.

Easy to bag up and take on the go, littles love pressing these pieces into each other, and their locking creations are more resistant to destructive forces.

Choose the classic brand or a variety of other takes on this STEM building set offering a plethora of possibilities.

From Melissa & Doug, this balancing game invites the whole family to join in the fun.

Calling all creators — let the fun begin with art, music, and craft activities! 

Kids use water pens to practice letters and shapes on this life size mat, which can be suctioned to the floor or wall.

Great for on-the-go drawing and a stepping stone to navigating the digital experience.

Adorable, pre-cut kits have everything you need to design one-of-a-kind hand puppets. Take it a step further and use a cardboard box to make your own puppet theatre!

This easy-strum guitar and learning app gets great reviews and is recommended for ages 3 and up!

From analog to digital and everything in between, we hope you’ll find something on this list that you and your little one(s) age 2-5 will love! Now, we’d love to hear from you! What toys do you have your eye on this holiday season?

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