By TMoM Team Member Anna Keller

I’m always on the hunt for fun activities I can do with my 4-year-old daughter, Maggie, and said activities get bonus points if they result in an experience or outcome that’s consumable (versus yet another piece of kid artwork which, of course, is adorable but also really builds up fast!). Since Maggie’s preschool is out for the summer, we have even more time these days to spend time together, and so making popsicles is a great way to enjoy being together and also have fun eating the fruits of our labor a few hours afterward!

Here’s a selection of delicious, perfect-for-summer popsicle recipes you can try with your kiddos as well. (Bonus: They’re all good-for-you treats as well!)

Want to take this activity a step further? Consider working with your child to set up a popsicle stand in your neighborhood on a hot day. (Bring a cooler for sure!) You can let your child share their homemade treats with neighbors and perhaps ask for a donation in return that you and your child can then donate to a non-profit of their choice.

Kiwi Ice Pops: Talk about easy! This four-ingredient recipe (including water as one of those four) made with two of my favorite summertime fruits, kiwi and lime, results in a bright, delicious, and refreshing popsicle. Get the recipe here!

Funfetti Popsicles: If you have a sprinkle-loving kid like I do (she names sprinkles among her favorite foods – that’s how popular they are around here), you’ll definitely want to give this easy popsicle recipe a try! I subbed out the Greek yogurt and milk for non-dairy versions to make these plant based, and they turned out SO well – a bit closer to an ice cream treat than a traditional popsicle, which I’m very okay with! Get the recipe here!

Lemonade Popsicles: My daughter has been talking about making homemade lemonade for months now, so I certainly had to add a lemonade popsicle recipe to this round-up. Don’t they sound like the perfect way to cool down on a blazing hot summer day (maybe after spending the morning at the splash pad)? Get the recipe here!

Coconut Carrot Ice Pops: Not only do these look gorgeous, but I’m betting the flavor combo is pretty stellar. We haven’t tried this recipe yet, but I can’t wait to give it a go. Get the recipe here!

Fudge Pops: Personally, I couldn’t make a popsicle recipe list and leave fudge pops off of said list. They’re my FAVORITE kind of popsicle for sure! Get the recipe to make your own at home here!

Granola & Yogurt Breakfast Popsicles: What a fun way to mix up breakfast – by adding popsicles to the menu. Get the recipe for this sure-to-be-a-hit summer breakfast here!


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