By Betty West

Finding the right care for our school-aged children for their out-of-school time can be challenging. With this need in mind, Imprints has developed a unique program to meet parent requests. Imprints Cares is located at school sites and uses the teaching and program staff of the school to provide the care, guidance and homework assistance for the children. Imprints Cares is a high quality, competitively priced, before and after school program that provides students with a smooth transition to and from the classroom. We use our expertise in child development and education to ensure that students engage in age-appropriate activities and interact with staff and peers to promote optimal social and emotional development. At Imprints Cares our services are tailored to each school site to meet the unique needs of students and families. We offer morning care, afternoon care, drop-in packages and are even open for full day care on many of the days when school is closed.

Listen to what parents have to say about Imprints Cares…


Imprints Cares helps our family so much! When we pick our son up from school, homework is done. That gives us family time after dinner.
Annette, Old Richmond Elementary

Each school site provides a strong, structured homework time. The knowledgeable teaching staff is available to offer assistance, provide direction and monitor work as needed.




What a wonderful program for my son. The social development has meant so much to us.
Chelzey, Union Cross Elementary

From arts and crafts, to playing board games, and developing friendships, Imprints Cares is a fun place to be each day. With each individual school, we work with the staff to offer unique activity opportunities; some examples include basketball, knitting and tennis.


It’s a no brainer! My child remains at his school and enjoys the afternoon with school staff and peers. I am greeted each evening by a professional and caring adult.
Brent, Meadowlark Elementary

Imprints Cares operates at the school site where school staff know each child and maintain an efficient system to monitor children and guide them from classroom to aftercare. School and students use the cafeteria, gym, computer lab, and playground to offer a wide variety of activities.




Thanks so very much…It’s like a ton of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders.
Melissa, Jefferson Elementary

With our customizable drop-in service, parents experience a hands-on approach with a personal touch customer service. Both program and administrative staff are easily reachable and ready to assist parents with needs and concerns. We also offer scholarship assistance.

Betty West is the Director of Imprints Cares and has been a Child Development Specialist with Imprints for 10 years.
As I visit school sites, I see first hand how Imprints continues to strengthen families through our partnerships with teachers, children and parents.

For more information on Imprints Cares, visit our website at or call us at 336.722.6296 x206

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