Updated by Sydney Richardson & Sarah Marchwiany

It’s springtime!  The flowers are beginning to bloom, the bees are out, the weather is warming day by day, and everyone is feeling the need to spend more time outside. Spring lasts approximately three months (give or take a few days). In that time, families may celebrate spring break, holidays, and school coming to an end. It’s a beautiful time if a family knows how to enjoy the season. If not, it can become another moment that passes too quickly. Growing up, this was a time to clean the house from top to bottom (aka spring-cleaning), but that only took about a week. So, what is one to do during the spring? Well, aside from taking a reliable allergy pill, creating a springtime bucket list could be a great way to ensure that the entire family enjoys this season. 

If your family is saving for a nice summer vacation, it can be easy to dismiss a spring family bucket list by thinking that the items will be costly. However, that is farthest from the truth. Bucket lists can include free events, low cost events, as well as some pricier events, if that’s what a group chooses. What is great about a bucket list is that each family can decide what to make it. Below are some bucket list ideas that fit into various budgets. There are even some suggestions that cost zero dollars. Here are some suggestions of items to do as a family for a spring bucket list.

Springtime Bucket List Ideas

  • See how many types of flowers and plants you can find at the Greensboro Arboretum.
  • Take a free tour of museums such as the Reynolda Gardens and Museum of American Art and the Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum.
  • Visit the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer and take a train ride.
  • Have your children complete the Junior Ranger Program by exploring state parks.
  • See free exhibits at the Lam Museum of Anthropology at Wake Forest University.
  • Find a spot and have a picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  • Head to the NC Zoo in Asheboro and explore different continents.
  • Eat freshly baked goods at Winkler’s Bakery and then explore Old Salem.
  • Check out free programs and events at your local library.
  • Take advantage of volunteer opportunities. 
  • Enjoy paddle boating or fishing at a nearby lake. 
  • Try out a new sport: Sometimes parks and recreation hold free or low cost youth sports to try. Some organizations even give free lessons for youth and/or families to try out. See what you can find at your local parks and recreation. 
  • See a new vendor at the farmer’s market or tour a new farmer’s market.
  • Plant an herb, vegetable, or flower garden. 
  • Have dogs?  Take them on a walk in a new park or trail. 
  • Cook a new meal as a family. 
  • Feeding the ducks at a nearby lake
  • Taking a picnic to the park
  • Rollerskating on any smooth surface outside
  • Biking rides through the neighborhood
  • Creek walking
  • Scavenger hunts in nature
  • “Exploring” nearby woods
  • Playing with the water hose in the driveway
  • Outdoor games (Great ideas in this blog!)
  • Setting up a lemonade stand
  • Making headbands, necklaces, or bracelets out of flowers
  • Greensboro Street Art Scavenger Hunt

Take A Day Trip

Here are a few of my favorites for the springtime:
Hebron Rock Colony
Gem Mining
ACE Adventure Center
Three Bears Acres

NC Zoo
Go Chasing Waterfalls
All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm
Chimney Rock State Park
Homeland Creamery
Lazy 5 Ranch
Hanging Rock State Park
Dan Nicholas Park
Burlington City Park

Springtime Crafts

Shaving Cream Painting
Having Fun with Paint
Spring & Easter Crafts

Dine Outdoors

Favorite Triad Restaurant Patios
Rachel’s Favorite Outdoor Dining Spots

A family does not have to wait until the summer to enjoy fun times. They can start now with a few ideas and proper planning. As a family, sit down and brainstorm a few things that each member would want to do for the spring. Let that be the start of the springtime bucket list. Don’t forget to plan when you will complete the ideas because the months will fly by. Enjoy!