By TMoM Team Member Suzy Fielders

It’s the last day of 2022 so we are looking back at all the amazing content we shared this year. Thank you to all our team and guest bloggers for providing blogs on so many helpful topics. Given all the day trip blogs that made the top 10 list, it is clear that Triad parents love traveling and exploring the state – and beyond!

Without further ado, here are the top 10 blogs of 2022! Click the blog titles on each one below to read these hit blogs.

Top 10 Blogs from 2022

1. Exciting News and Changes for Triad Moms on Main

Triad Moms on Main

2. Myrtle Beach: Things to Do Beyond the Beach

Myrtle Beach

3. Anakeesta Mountaintop Park: Family Trip Idea


4. A Splashtacular Day Trip Idea: Wet ‘N Wild Emerald Pointe

Emerald Pointe

5. Day Trip Idea: High Point City Lake Park

City Lake Park

6. Day Trip Idea: Dan Nicholas Park

Dan Nicholas Park

7. Winston-Salem Christian School: Our Silver Lining

winston-salem christian

8. Carnival Rides, Cowboys, and Trains: A Memorable Day Trip to Tweetsie Railroad


9. Day Trip to the Mountains: A Blue Ridge Parkway Adventure


10. Top 10 Things to do with your Toddler or Preschooler this Summer

toddler fun

Next 5 Runner Ups

11. 20 Places to Take Your Teens This Summer

12. Day Trip Idea: Village Park in Kannapolis

13. Day Trip Idea: Fairy Stone State Park

14. The Top 10 Day Trips for Fall

15. Five Habits to Positively Influence Your Family

Previous Year’s Top 10 Blogs

Want to see what made the 10 lists in previous years? Use the links below to see those lists for their respective years.

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