By TMoM Team Member Katie Moosbrugger

Today we feature the top 10 blogs from 2021, together with the five runner-up blogs! These are otherwise known as the blogs that received the most views this past year, and we love the variety of the blog topics. You will also notice many favorite blogs focused on places to travel. After months in quarantine, it’s obvious that TMoM readers were ready to get out and explore!

Furthermore, TMoM categorizes all blogs under 8 main topics – and many subtopics. Therefore, chances are great we have a blog on our site that touches on a topic you are interested in.

Again, go ahead and click on these favorite blogs of 2021 below, as well as many more on our Blog Roll HERE.

Top 10 Blogs from 2021

1 – Prom Redefined Through the Eyes of a Father to his Son

top 10 blogs from 2021


2. Day Trip Idea: Boone’s Cave Park


3. Weekend Getaway Idea: Washington, NC

top 10 blogs from 2021


4. Things I Learned on Our Surf City Vacation


5. Three Kids, a New Baby, and Going Back to Work

top 10 blogs from 2021


6. A Day Trip to McLeansville


7. Pregnant. On an IUD.

top 10 blogs from 2021


8. Day Trip to Guilford County: Family, Food, and Fun


9. Day Trip Idea: Everyone’s Playground – Recreation Acres

top 10 blogs from 2021


10. Davie County: Summer Fun Across the River

Next 5 Runner Ups

11. Day Trip Idea: Bur-Mil Park
12. Family Fun Idea: Glamping
13. What I Packed in My Hospital Bag with Baby #2
14. Dining My Way Through Wilmington (and Wrightsville Beach)
15. A Day in DC: National Mall is a Must!

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Many thanks to our team of bloggers and guest bloggers. Not only is haring compelling content every day one of the most important goals for TMoM, but we also could not be successful without the support of our contributors. In the same way, we recognize that it takes a lot of thought, time, effort and creativity to craft a blog!
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