By TMoM Team Member Kodia Byers

My journey to becoming toxin free started with my armpits. Yep…my armpits!

Let me explain … I knew the antiperspirant I was using contained aluminum and I knew there were countless studies linked to aluminum’s contribution to Dementia and Alzheimer’s (of which both of my grandmothers and my paternal great grandmother suffered from), add in genetics and I knew I needed to make a change for my future self’s sake. 

I did as much research as I felt necessary and tried countless brands of aluminum free deodorants before landing on my current favorite. Mind you, there is a detox phase while your body rids itself of those toxins but once I got over that hump I can honestly say, I will never go back to drugstore brand deodorants.nPostpartum night sweats plus the BO grace period of switching to natural- shout out to my husband for still loving me! Do I still sweat? YES, of course! But do I stink? Believe it or not, no!    

From there,  I began making small changes in other areas of my life. If my body worked so hard detoxifying my armpits, what else could I change? The more research I did, the more I wanted to be toxin free or at least a little less toxic. First, I switched out the baby/kid products I used for my daughters, then I changed my household cleaning products, finally my skincare and makeup. It was a domino effect and it has completely changed my life in more ways than one.  

Am I completely toxin free? Nope. This change has happened over two years and it’s still a work in progress. Is there still bleach in my cabinet? You betcha. I just don’t use it as often. Do I only consume organic foods? Hahaha, negative. But I am doing what I can right now to make these non toxic/less toxic changes for myself and my family.  

Tips for reducing toxins:

  • First and foremost, do your research and be mindful of “greenwashing.” Companies realize that many people want to reduce toxins in their lives and use marketing tactics to trick consumers. Even though commercials and influencers tell you a product is good for you or “clean” doesn’t mean it actually is–be an informed consumer! Did you know that in the US it’s not a requirement to list all the ingredients in certain products and that some of those ingredients that aren’t listed are incredibly harmful and can be endocrine disruptors? For example: “Fragrance” is commonly listed on ingredient lists, but what exactly is it?  Keep in mind, just because a product smells clean, doesn’t mean it actually is!
  • Start Slow!  Purchase non-toxic items as you run out of their counterpart. Overhauling all at once can be overwhelming. I’ve also found that the process is truly trial and error. I’ve tried many products that didn’t live up to what I expected but continued to search and try new ones until I found my perfect fit.
  • I personally like supporting businesses and companies that are transparent, whether local (there so many great products from local vendors that have little to no toxins) or global–think B Corporations. Using resources like the Environmental Work Group ( or Think Dirty App are also helpful when questioning product safety.
  • Evaluate the foods you’re eating (harmful chemicals are sprayed on crops and can in turn be harmful to your body)…again, just research a little and you’ll find your non negotiables.
  • Become a “Plant Parent”- introducing certain indoor plants to your home, like Snake Plant, Corn Plant, Peace Lilies (and several more) can actually clean the air/reduce toxins!

Curious about making the switch?  Here are some of my favorite less toxic products around the house:

  • Household Cleaner:  Bon Ami, Force of Nature (proven effective against Coronavirus), Branch Basics
  • Laundry: Branch Basics, Puracy, Wool Dryer Balls
  • Skincare: Primally Pure, Beautycounter, Everyone Hand Soap
  • Kids: Hello Bello, Beautycounter, Ella + Mila, Piggy Paint
  • Feminine Hygiene: L. Organic Cotton Tampons, Rael, Lola
  • Food Storage: Glass Containers, Beeswax Wraps

Have questions about tossing the toxins?  Feel free to ask me anything via email or drop a comment below.  


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