By Guest Blogger Nicole Ducouer

Welp, 2020 was not the year for self-care in my house. No haircuts – check! Comfy clothes – check! Routine visits to the doctor – nope! Some things just fell off the to-do list. Now, it’s time to play catch-up.

With so much screen time over the last year, eye care has become a priority not only for myself, but for my 6-year-old son Caden. In 2020, school happened on a laptop, tablet time skyrocketed and we watched more movies than I can count.

I booked an appointment with Dr. Lindsay Totten at Wise Eyes Family Eye Care as soon she opened her new location on Coliseum Drive in Winston-Salem. (She’s right next door to Twenty200 Eyewear – see my blog post here about things I learned from that experience!) It was Caden’s first visit to the eye doctor. I mentally prepared for the worst! I thought he would have a meltdown, but she made him feel so comfortable. Dr. Totten and her staff were so kind and patient with Caden. She even got the eyedrops in his eyes to dilate them! God bless her because that is a miracle in itself! The equipment was brand new, super clean and high tech. Caden had a million questions and I believe she answered every single one.

Dr. Totten understood that screen time was a concern and told me that so many parents are worried about eye strain. Dr. Totten asked important questions that I didn’t even think about. Do we get headaches? Dry eyes? Fatigue? Are we outside a lot? How long are we in front of a screen? She explained how our answers factor into possible prescriptions or next steps. I have an astigmatism and I am nearsighted (can’t see things far away) so my prescription is very specific. She made sure she covered everything.

When I wrapped up with Dr. Totten I simply walked my prescription across the lobby where the folks at Twenty200 Eyewear helped me pick out some cute glasses. That was a HUGE time saver. And yes, I handed my phone to my son so he could watch his videos while momma treated herself to some shades. (That forehead smack emoji has really come in handy this year.) At the end of our visit, I was relaxed, felt good about eye health and new glasses. Caden got a clean bill of eye health and didn’t need glasses, but certainly was interested in a new pair of cool non-prescription RayBan sunglasses for UV protection on the playground. Everybody left happy!

*Sponsored by Twenty200 Eyewear